Ice Age Party

ice age party

So after 5 weeks of being very excited and having a weekly countdown, with a contestant stream of ‘when is the Ice Age party mummy’ questions facing me almost every day, last Thursday saw us host our Ice Age Party in association with Sky Movies. The boys, who had spent the night before at my Mum’s, were so happy that when they saw me at lunchtime Burton’s first question to me was ‘have you decorated the house and is it all ready?”. No hello Mummy I have missed you!

I did decorate the house with some blue balloons and blue coloured decorations which the boys were amazed at (bless them, clearly they do not get out much ha ha!), and I set the table with some fake snow, Ice Age characters and blue coloured accessories.



The boys wrote some posters for our front door to welcome their guests



Once our guests were here, we set about going outdoors to excavate our frozen dinosaur eggs, which swell as good fun was also a good chance to discover facts about ice , how it is made and how it can be melted and cracked. 

frozen dinosaur eggs

These were really simple to make you just need:

miniature plastic dinosaurs 

Then: stretch the balloons as far as you can open them, and place a dinosaur inside (this took 2 people). Place the opening of the balloon over a tap, fill with cold water and tie the end. Place in the freezer over night. When you are ready to excavate them, remove the balloons and get cracking the ice with a blunt knife or a fork, until you set the dinosaur inside free. 


(you can also free the dinosaur by leaving it in hot sunshine until it melts or you could throw your frozen dinosaur eggs off your decking onto the patio below- taking care to ensure no one is going to get hurt!)



After all that ice excavation work, the guests were hungry so it was tine to eat – my favourite part of any party personally.
I served lots of Ice Age themed food including:

Mammoth Hot Dogs

Mammoth Tusks – wotsits
Frozen flowers – skips
Sid’s Silly Cheesy Sticks – cheese strings

Vegetation with hummus


dinosaur edible eggs

(I based my eggs on this method)

Sabre Tooth Tiger Teeth – White Chocolate Fingers


Dinosaur spines – watermelon triangles


dinosaur claw print cookies

To make these cookies,  you make vanilla biscuits (I used this recipe with added star sprinkles) and when the dough is cut into rounds you make dinosaur prints into them, then bake for 25 minutes at 180oC / 160oC fan)

ice age chocolate egg

To make my Ice Age Chocolate Egg you need to cover a large balloon with 400g of white chocolate – make sure the chocolate is left to cool for about 3-4 minutes before spreading on the balloon
place the balloon in the fridge over night
when you re ready to serve burst the balloon and you should be left with as chocolate egg
fill with fruit, place on a serving plate and decorate with your gravel (I used miniature meringues, or mini ice bergs!, iced gems, and party rings) and add some plastic dinosaurs for decoration and serve with ice cream

Iced Water to drink

Ice Age Lollies (lemonade and blueberries)



After a quick 20 minute bounce on our trampoline to burn off some energy and time for me and the mums to tidy away, we got ready for the main event – watching Ice Age! I had my interval snacks set up ready 


and so they all sat down and watched the film – and despite them already seeing it probably numerous times, they sat and laughed and enjoyed it a lot!


And of course no party is complete without a party bag to take away



We had a brilliant Ice Age party and all of our guests said they had a great time and this made me very happy, because organising a party like this does take a lot of time to plan, prepare and organise. This was such a fun activity and a lovely activity for an overcast day during the school holidays. Thank you Sky Movies for enabling us to have this party – it was a lot of fun to prepare and host

You can follow my Ice Age pinterest board here
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I was sent party items with which to host a party and I was also compensated for my time and the food I bought for us to eat.

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