1. That is an absolutely awesome cake – I wish I was as accomplised at cake making as you are…at least I can console myself with the game though, wsh is fun, and a lot easier than baking! 😉

  2. Sarah Fawcett

    Please may I just check, you say to prepare 3 tins but then in the method it says to split the batter between 4 tins – I think it’s definitely 3 tins but just want to check ……in case I pluck up the courage to give it a go!!

    • HI Sarah
      It was 4 tins – thanks for alerting me to my typo!! OR you could use 1 x 8 inch loose bottomed deep cake tin which you then cut into 4 sponges (I have used both methods for making pinata cakes)
      Give it a go, it was honestly not that hard x

  3. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    What an awesome cake and brilliant recipe! Clever you for coming up with that, genius 🙂 x #tastytuesdays

  4. mmm Jenny this looks delicious (i adore iced gems .. and cake so this really does sound perfect) .. I am addicted to the game too! #BestRecipes2014

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