1. Bailey’s and Oreos? *Drools* So indulgent looking… I’m sorry to hear about your macarons though, mine didn’t work out either 🙁 So I think I’m going to play it safe with a trifle (although I’ve never made one before, so who knows how it will turn out!)

    • they taste indulgent too! I am glad to hear (in a nice way of course!) that someone else had problems making macaroons too – it was such a shame as I had my hopes pinned on it too! good luck with your next bake x

  2. omg, they look delicious and so easy! I would not have cooked the biscuit base, can I ask does it make a difference or can the method be simplified even further?

    • thank you. to be honest i think you could just chill the bases – i cooked them because i was trying to replicate pastry which needs baking and this is a bake off challenge! Next time i make them, i will just chill them as you say even easier then! x

      • As a working single Mom I like simple but also do the full cooking/baking thing when I have time. As no cook its something the kids can do (obviously without Baileys!)

  3. They look amazing, and not something I could rustle up from cupboard ingredients! Yummo! Sorry your macaroons were a fail but at least you know where you went wrong and there’s hope that if you try them again they’ll work.

  4. Wowzers, I jut know I would never stop at just one of those petit fours and THAT’S where my downfall is, no will power and zero resistance.
    Delicious Jenny

  5. oh my, they look good. I was really tempted to taking part of the linky but am working hard to lose my toddler weight – not even baby anymore lol

  6. You are so inventive, they look delicious! And I certainly wouldn’t mind them being too big, as one normal size one wouldn’t satisfy me!

    Nipping over from ‘Recipe Of The Week’.

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