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Going On A Gruffalo Hunt

I have been wanting to take the boys on a proper Gruffalo hunt for such a long time, but either the weather wasn’t right or I didn’t have our Gruffalo toys with us.
On Wednesday, the sun was shining and it was actually quite warm so I took the boys back to Castle Hill which we visited back in September, where there is a little tanglewood area which I knew would make a perfect Gruffalo hunting ground.
I hid the Grufffalo and Gruffalo’s Child a couple of times on tree trunks and let the boys look for them and here is what they go up to.

We found mushrooms too

And a pixie table and chairs
Perfect for a snack after a Gruffalo hunt!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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  1. When I see a post like this I really want young children again, I realize that my children are getting too grown up for these simple fun games, yet they adored the Gruffalo when they were Berton and Jenson’s age. Thank you for sharing your afternoon on Country Kids

  2. thanks lovely. such a simple idea really but we had such fun and it involved lots of climbing, stooping, seeing things on the floor and looking at trees and bark, branches etc… just cheap, old fashioned fun x

  3. Brings tears to my eyes to see how much they’ve grown in this time. Every time I see/hear anything to do with the Gruffalo I always remember this post. Thank you for sharing it on MotivationalMonday

  4. That is such a lovely idea, you could look for stickman too I guess
    The photos are so nice your boys are gorgeous x

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