1. Oh my I have tears in my eyes! Your Gruffalo hunt always was one of my FAVOURITE posts and now THIS – just wow EPICNESS. I love it!

    Aww and haven’t they grown! And monkey – he is growing on me too, I love seeing all these adventures with him (thank you instagram).

    I am glad you enjoyed your Gruffalo hunt – I went on one around a supermarket with my camera lol.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is about one of the cutest things i have ever seen/read Jenny! They look like the had so much fun, although i bet you enjoyed it even more 😉

    • thanks Annie – i hope they will too but of not there is always the blog to remind them.
      and i was a good girl and didnt have cream aswell with that scone! xx

  3. True story, my parents spent New Year’s Eve with the Gruffalo creator a few years ago. They didnt tell me beforehand which would have enabled me to go and hunt for the Gruffalo with her. They told me afterwards.

    made me very grumpy as I LOVE the Gruffalo.

    This looks like great fun, and lovely to get the small ones outside at this time of year

  4. Kimberly

    Ahh Jenny Emma, it looks like you all had a funfilled day …… the boys on their hunt and you admiring the glorious colours of autumn. You were always creative in writing poems and this is pure class, well done my lovely. Love you Kxxx

  5. Oh great fun. Gruffalo story can be revisited so many times. Worthy of a flashback for sure. I love your version. We have a Gruffalo woods near us, that we love to try and spot even the movement of a branch to prove that the Gruffalo is there.
    Popping over from #CountryKids

  6. Jenny I think this is the most magical Gruffalo Hunt I have ever seen. Your story telling and photos match up so perfectly and what a wonderful way to make the most of the outdoors at this time of the year. I remember your hunt from last year too, was that really a year ago?

  7. This. Is. Brilliant! Might have to steal your idea..! Mushroom’s not quite into the Gruffalo enough for a hunt yet but when he is..! Love the idea of flashback Friday, too, will have to start thinking about memories we can share and join in!

  8. Oh I love the line, “Jenson found a monkey and the monkey was good!”, that’s so sweet. What a great mum you are, and the boys certainly look like they are enjoying themselves, especially Burton up that tree!

    Popping over from Country Kids.

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