Chocolate Orange Custard Tart (#GreatBloggersBakeOff2014 #Week5)

Chocolate Orange Custard Tart (#GreatBloggersBakeOff2014 #Week5)

Welcome to Week 5 of the Great Bloggers Bake Off, the bake along to co-incide with the Great British Bake Off.

This week it is all about pastry and the categories on the show were:

Signature Bake : Custard Tart
Technical Challenge : Pastry Wrapped Poached Pears
Showstopper : 3 Tiered Pies

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Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

I was asked to make some cakes for a village event and as I scanned my cupboards I noticed a Terrys chocolate orange in one of the cupboards, which gave me the inspiration to make some chocolate orange cupcakes. I do love the combination of chocolate and orange in a cake and of course in chocolate!
Here is my recipe for chocolate orange cupcakes
Makes 14
150g unsalted butter
150g caster sugar
120g self raising flour
30g drinking chocolate powder
3 eggs
packet of orange flavoured chocolate buttons
jar of chocolate orange spread (Tesco do their own version)
250g full fat philadelphia
1 Terrys chocolate orange


Pre heat the oven to 180 oC/160 oC fan 
Beat together the butter and sugar until soft and creamy
Add the beaten egg, flour and drinking chocolate and mix well
Divide the batter between your 14 cup cake paper cases
Place 3 of the orange chocolate buttons into each of the cake cases and using a tsp cover over with the batter
Place in the oven and cook for 20 minutes until cooked through
Remove and allow to cool thoroughly

To make the frosting:

place the cream cheese and 3/4 of the jar of chocolate orange spread in to a bowl and beat together to make a creamy frosting
Place all the frosting into a piping bag and once the cakes are completely cooled down, pipe swirls of frosting on to the top of each cupcake
Then decorate with a slice of chocolate orange

That’s it chocolate orange cupcakes – they are not Terry’s they are all mine!!!
(except they weren’t as I gave them away!)

If you like chocolate orange cakes you will LOVE these , the frosting is just sooooo yummy!
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Thank you xx