Clipping Little Nails

Fellow Mum’s and Dad’s I need your help and advice. Burton is scared to have his nails cut with the nail clippers, to the point where he screams and cries and gets hysterical. The worst thing about all this? It’s my fault 🙁

When he was very small keeping his nails short was easy, because his Daddy or I were able to clip them quite easily with his little baby nail clippers. However, once he got older, probably around the 9 month stage, he became aware of what we were doing and wriggled more and tried to remove his hands from our grasp. As time went on it became harder and harder to cut them through his constant moving about to get away from us. On a couple of occasions When I was in charge of trimming them, in my haste to get them cut as quick as I could before he wriggled to get away, I accidentally cut a nail too short and it would bleed a tiny bit. This obviously stung a little and would make the next nail cutting experience worse. It has happened a few times now 🙁

It is just terrible now. We have tried bribing him with chocolate buttons, in that for every nail we cut he gets one; the OH even pretends to cut his nails so he can see it doesn’t hurt but he just gets hysterical whenever he sees the nail clippers coming! Once the fiasco is over, he won’t even go near whichever one of us tried to cut his nails (usually failing) because we have upset him so much.

I blame myself for his new found phobia, due to hurting him a couple of times but it was only because he wriggles so much that I did it. It wasn’t intentional, obviously.

The thing is, where do we go from here? His nails grow so quickly that they need cutting every couple of weeks. If anyone has had any experience of this or something similar and has any advice to share, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you xx

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Thank you xx

Christmas Day Fun

So Christmas is over *sighs*. All that excitement and preparation building up to it and then it is all over so quickly. This year was Burton’s second Christmas so although he still doesn’t really understand what it is all about, he was a bit more aware than last year! As you can imagine he had so many presents which I enjoyed opening possibly more than he did (I am such a big kid when it comes to Christmas and present opening!). We spent the day at my Mum and Step Dad’s with my grandparents and my brother and his girlfriend. I was awake before Burton laying in bed wishing him to open his eyes so I could get downstairs and get cracking with his Father Christmas presents lol

Anyway, we eventually got around to opening the presents from Santa at 8.45am and here are some photos of Burton checking out his loot.

Iggle Piggle Bubble Bath

An Iggle Piggle toothbrush which he used to brush his hair with!

Lots of books which we had to read straightaway!

A fire engine which he thought was a sit and ride on one (it isnt!)

Once the Santa presents were opened we carried on opening one of his other gifts every half an hour or so to ge through them! Some of the presents he got included:

Another Penguin called Chilly!

So Penguin and Chilly had a friendly kiss 🙂

A guitair which both his Daddy and my brother enjoyed playing (note a new top with penguin on it)

Lots of In The Night Garden related things!

There were three themes running through Burton’s gifts: In The Night Garden, Penguins and Toy Story!

He enjoyed his lunch, especially his chocolate pudding

Here is my homemade Chrismas Pudding Loaf, the recipe to which I posted on my blog just before Christmas,

His main present from Mummy and Daddy was a baby grand piano because he loves noisy musical things. This was taken Boxing Day

He was a very lucky boy as he received so many lovely new toys and books and puzzles. It is nice having some new things to play with too, i must admit.

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Thank you xx

Merry Christmas Card

Well the big day is almost upon us! Whoop whoop!

I just wanted to wish all my blog and twitter friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2011. Also to thank you all for being so welcoming and friendly during my first Twitter and blogging year. I have twitter-met some wonderful people who have kept me company while being a SAHM.

So as I cannot send you all cards individually, here is a virtual one from me to you all. It is one which we made ourselves and sent out to our family and very close friends. Poor Burton was poorly while we were trying to photograph him and it took ages to get him to sit still and smile! You may notice an iPad near him which was showing In The Night Garden as a way of getting him to sit in that position!

So MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope you all have a wonderful time xxx

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Thank you xx