Pear, Pea & Broccoli Cheese

I have made this little meal combo for Jenson a few times now and he really enjoys it. So I thought I would share it for any of you who are after inspiration for a meal for your baby.

You will need:
1 ripe pear (I used a conference)
4 small broccoli florets
1 handful of frozen peas
1 handful of grated cheese
1 tbsp cream cheese
100ml full fat milk

Steam the broccoli and peas until soft and place in a bowl
Peal and chop the pear and add to the steamed veg
In a smaller bowl tip in all of the dairy products and place in microwave for about 2 minutes til the cheese has melted and sauce is thicker
Tip in to the pear and veg and blend until smooth/textured depending on your baby’s weaning/eating stage

Give to hungry baby – nom nom

Makes about 3-4 portions (again depending on your baby’s appetite)

DAY 27

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Dear So and So – the cranky version

href=”” target=”_blank”>Dear So and So...

Dear Boiler
Why do you have to break down now we need you working? We have only had about 3 days of heating in the last three weeks and we have had to have a plumber out three times already! Last night you packed in again and we have had to have yet another part ordered. I am just grateful to be at my mums for the weekend where there is heating in abundance and I can walk around without lots of layers and sleep in minimal bed wear rather than looking like I am off to the Antarctic!!
So please stop getting air pockets in your pipes and sort yourself out before the weather gets even colder!
(with warm fingers and toes for first time in a while (without the need for socks and gloves)

Dear Burton,
Please when I ask you to do something can you please just do it and not get in a paddy and throw a little strop. Or can you please hurry up and not take forever because I get impatient warming for you to wash your hands whilst you mess about, or put your socks and shoes on about 6 times before we go anywhere. Also you keep telling me you “don’t like” your food, even meals you usually do like. Enough already just keep quiet and eat it, you are two not 22!!!
Thank you
(your not so patient) mummy xx
Ps. You will be having an early night tonight as you are very tired!

Dear Jenson,
Please can you stop using my nipples as soothers – don’t get me wrong I love having our snuzzles and you am happy that you are still taking your nightime feeds from me, but sucking for at least an hour each night is getting a little tiresome. Plus you shouldn’t be waking up in the night as much now surely? Afterall you eat plenty during the day and have a feed before you go to bed so come on please sleep through.
(your tired and blood shot eyed) Mummy xx

Dear Christmas,
You know I love you and everything about you and your festiveness but you are creeping up on me far too quickly!! I am just not in the thinking about presents kind of mood yet, probably because I am a bit tired and thinking about what post I can write about each day until 1st December!! Oh and annoyed that my underfloor heating is knackered!!
See you very soon Christmas.
Temporarily bah humbug

DAY 26

Saturday Is Caption Day #3

Ok so you know what to do – leave a caption in the comments box below for this weeks photo which is from a few months ago. Then see what other captions you can come up with by clicking on the badge 🙂

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Following the excitement of seeing Karin from Cafe Bebe’s gorgeous new bundle of joy on twitter tonight, it got m thinking to myself that there seems to have been lots of boys born this year. In fact I would even go as far as to say that there seems to have been a bit of a baby boy boom, if twitter is anything to go on. Obviously I had one myself back at the end of March but it just feels like everyone I have congratulated this year has been on the birth of their baby boy. 

So I sent out a little tweet

Jenny Paulin

@JennyPaulinJenny Paulin
ok quick poll please – if you or anyone you know had a baby this year what was their sex? thanks xx
Within minutes I received about 35 replies (thank you to everyone who did) and the results seem to back up my baby boy boom

Boys = 39
Girls = 23

Ok so obviously that was only a quick survey and its not scientific or absolute proof that there have been more male births than female ones this year. However, it does at least back up what I have been thinking and proved that I had been paying attention on twitter!!

Anyway, it got me wondering if there were reasons why more boys could be born that girls so I started searching good old google for any answers. 
War has been attributed to a baby boom in the past and indeed it evokes a strange pattern that results in an increase in boys being born. The exact cause of this baby boy bloom has long since baffled scientist and philophsophers and suggestions have varied from the 
coital – soldiers returning home have more sex and are more likely to impregnate a woman at the time in 
            her cycle when boys tend to be made
theological – some kind of divine intervention where men lost on the battle ground need to be replaced
he couldn’t believe his luck!!!

A curious shift occurs during and right after a war: more boys tend to be born than girls. It’s been documented for decades in many nations, especially during long conflicts with many troops deployed. The cause of this boy boom has long flummoxed thinkers and scientists. Ideas have veered from the theological—a divine call for new men to replace those lost in battle—to the coital—returning soldiers have lots of sex, and so will be more likely to fertilize at a time in their ladies’ cycle that’s ripe for making boy babies. A new study in the journal Evolutionary Biology rejects them all. Instead, it pins the “returning soldier effect” on a gene expressed by men only. It also shows how researching your family tree can help you place bets on the sex of your next kid.
“I wasn’t satisfied with the explanation that it was due to couples having more sex,” says Newcastle University’s Corry Gellatly, who did the work as part of his Ph.D. thesis. Gellatly was curious about studies of male shrimps, marine worms, and yes—human males—that showed that their likelihood of producing male offspring seemed to mimic that of their parents. In other words, males who have more brothers than sisters would in turn produce more sons than daughters. Thinking this may be the root of the wartime peaks, Gellatly sought to investigate the trend on a large scale. He sifted through 927 North American and European family trees posted on an online database by both amateur and professional genealogists, and tallied the sex ratios of siblings for each generation.
“The family tree study showed that whether you’re likely to have a boy or a girl is inherited,” says Gellatly. “We now know that men are more likely to have sons if they have more brothers but are more likely to have daughters if they have more sisters.” Women, however, did not have the same tendency.
Gellatly argues that a gene—which is carried by both men and women but only active in men—influences what proportion of a man’s sperm carry the X chromosome and how many carry the Y. The sperm’s X or Y status determines the sex of the baby upon meeting the egg, which only carries the X chromosome. More Y sperm=more XY (male) babies.