Movie Meme – Week 12

This week the lovely Hannah from Metal Mummy has asked us to list our favourite COMPUTER ANIMATION

This is a very easy decision for me, and therefore my choice for this genre is a Disney Pixar collaboration : the TOY Story trilogy.

I think these three films are just brilliant! The concept is such a simple one: toys who come to life once there are no humans around. This is a a theme which appeals to the imaginations of children, and yet also strikes a chord with adults as it takes us back to our childhood and our memories of playing with our toys. They also contain the right ingredients for successful movies, as they are funny, sad, emotional, great soundtracks, thought provoking and carry a cautionary message through their story lines. Just such clever animated tales.

The Toy Story characters are well known childhood toys: cowboy, spaceman, potato head, barbie, speak and spell etc….ones that all of us have owned at some point in our childhoods.

Also, unlike some sequels, the Toy Story films just get better as each new one has been released. I really couldn’t say which one is my favourite as each of the three carries a different message for it’s audience. However, the third film made me (indeed still makes me!), cry like a baby!!

Not only are the Toy Story films my favourite computer animation movies, but I would say that they are in my my favourite films list too. This is just aswell as Burton has discovered Toy Story now and we have to watch it every day practically!

Reach for the sky!! 🙂

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A Royal Romance

I am just watching some highlights from today’s royal wedding on the news, and it is still making me feel warm and fuzzy like it did when I watched it live this morning. I actually didn’t think I would get to watch it live because of having two youngsters to look after and the fact that my OH refused to have it on the TV! However, he chose to catch up on some paperwork upstairs in his office all day so I was able to watch it – despite Burton’s best efforts to get me to put Toy Story on for him!!

I am not a Royalist by any means, but I have a soft spot for William (and Harry) because I respected and admired their mother, and was very excited when she and Charles wed back in 1981.

I had a scrapbook back then with newspaper cuttings of the engagement of Prince Charles and Lady Diane, so when they got married I remember now what I did that day. Shame I never kept that scrapbook – would have made an interesting read now! I also remember excitedly awaiting William to be born as it was near my own birthday in June.

I thought today’s wedding was beautiful and Kate was so elegant and every bit the perfect choice for our future queen. I really hope this marriage does not end in divorce as they seem so very happy and confident together. It must be strange for Kate’s parents – it’s not like they can ever invite their new family members over for a BBQ is it? They, along with Prince Charles, must have been very proud of their first born today.

It has also been great to see our nation celebrating the wedding in such a British way. Whether that be in London cheering on the wedding guests, or those people who held street parties or similar ‘do’s’ in their towns and villages. In our current economic climate where times are hard, it has been lovely to see our nation let their hair down and come together as one.

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Happy Blogaversary!!

So my blog is 1 year old today! Happy Birthday little blog of mine.

A year ago I didn’t really know much about blogging. I kind of stumbled upon it by accident really. I was fed up with Facebook, some people I thought were my friends had been really off with me and seemed to not care anymore, and things weren’t great with my home life either. Yes I had a gorgeous baby boy who made me more happy than anyone or anything else, but my relationship with his Daddy, the OH, was strained and being at home all day was sometimes a little lonely.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a SAHM and it was what I wanted, but some weeks asides from my Mum, OH or his mum I didn’t see any other adults who I could really chat and have a giggle with.

So I joined twitter last January and to begin with I hardly tweeted anything, because I didn’t really ‘get it’ to start with and wasn’t sure what I was meant to tweet lol! Therefore, I mostly followed the tweets of celebrities rather than non celebrities! Then a couple of months later I realised that I should be looking to follow and tweet with like minded people, and this led me to find some mummy tweeters. Upon following and being followed back by a small number of these mummies, I noticed that almost all of them had a blog which I read with interest, as I was completely oblivious to the blogging community! Being a SAHM I thought that I might like to start a blog where I could write down my thoughts and record tales of my baby boy.

So I googled ‘blog’ and found blogger and couldn’t believe creating a blog could be free and so easy and quick to do! Thus,on Tuesday 27th April, 2011 Mummy Mishaps was born. My first post was about how I was feeling after leaving Burton to spend a few hours with his grandma – his first time without me since he had been born 9 months earlier! I did not like it at all! Funny how a year later Burton has spent lots of hours away from me now, and I have quite enjoyed that free time!!

As with all new blogs it took a long time to build up followers and to get comments and page views and to know how to advertise my posts on twitter. However, thanks to The Gallery my blogging and tweeting world was opened up to me and I started to ‘meet’ some wonderful people who have been so lovely and have been great company. My blog now has 116 followers which is just amazing so a big thank you to those of you who make up that number! The parent blogging community has just been brilliant and so supportive and helpful via twitter and blogging – I am so glad I discovered these social platforms.

I still need to show more of ‘me’ on my blog and write about subjects that affect me, and have the confidence to post the pieces I write, and not just save them never to be featured on my blog. Hopefully going forward I will rectify this. My posts to date have mostly been about my Burton and one day when he is older, I will be able to show him how he changed my life for the better, and how proud I am to be his mummy.

A year on and I now have a new baby boy to enjoy and blog about, and be equally as gushing and proud of! My little family has grown in the last 12 months and I look forward to sharing our new adventures with my blog 🙂

Here’s to the next 12 months of blogging.

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