Short Back & Sides Sir?

Many of you have visited my silent sunday post today and seen Burton sitting in the barbers having his hair cut (and thank you for all the lovely comments).

As several of you mentioned, yes he was ever so good and sat in the chair and did exactly as the hairdresser asked him (look down please, look up etc..). His Daddy took him and said he couldn’t believe how well behaved he was which is very good as it is only the second time he has been. Plus as we are potty training him at the moment, he was brilliant and having used the potty at home before he left, he managed to wait to go until he returned home again!! He also enjoyed sweeping the floor after his hair was cut.

Here are all of the photos from his trip to the barbers – he looks so serious bless him 🙂

but he was smiling by the end

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Flashback To The 70’s

I am very much looking forward to the Tots 100 Christmas Party at Butlins in Bognor Regis in December – like very excited!!!wooo hoo!!!

I haven’t been to a Butlins resort since I was 11 when I stayed at the Minehead resort and before that I stayed at Bognor Regis when I was 10 as my grandparents took my brother and I there for a holiday. The next time my step dad goes into the attic my mums house I will get him to get my box of photos down, which I know has some photos of my previous Butlins holidays.

Anyway, thinking about holiday camps reminded me of my first family trip to one. I do not know all the details but I think it was when I was

Looking back at my two pregnancies I realised there were some perks to being with child

You can eat as much cake as you like – after all you are eating for two

People encourage you to sit down, put your feet up and take it easy

If you fart its ok as you just blame it on the baby and people accept this

You find yourself continually rubbing, touching and holding your bump – even when it isn’t even on show

Let’s Talk About Sex

The other night just as I was drifting off to sleep, my OH happened to say to me something along the lines of “don’t forget if you want to make a move on me, feel free” to which I laughed and went to sleep.

However, there it is – it has been put out there by him he obviously thinks we should be getting our sex life back on track, to the point where he started showing me Penomet reviews to hint! Thing is, it is the last thing I feel like doing. I mean, I am tired, still carrying extra weight, quite often fail to shave my hairy areas due to a) lack of time and b) can’t always be arsed! Also I am breast feeding, so the thought of getting jiggy with boobs full of milk is not appealing and besides which it often takes me ages to get Jenson to sleep now at bedtime (he is using my nipples as a soother due to teething) and to then go from feeding mode to sex mode is just not something I can contemplate! And Jenson sleeps right next to our bed – I don’t think I would relax and get into the ‘zone’ hear him breathing next to his girrating parents!!

Besides which, it’s been 12 months, and 13 days exactly since we last had sex (when Jenson was conceived) so things are bound to be a little ‘resilient’ down below, if you get my meaning! Having had stitches again after Jenson was born there is always that initial anxiety of how things will go anyway! Obviously, I know from having had Burton that I do heal, and sex can be resumed. But I remember when we did it for the first time after having him (about 6 months I think!) it took a few goes to get me relaxed, and to actually enjoy sex and not brace myself each time!! I found it hard to relax enough not just from possible ‘entry’ fears, but because I could hear Burton on the baby monitor and always worried he might wake up once we got going! I was surprised when I fell pregnant so quickly with Jenson, if I am honest, as we were only doing it about once a month which is why I suggested we started trying, as I thought it would take ages. Funnily, enough it took one attempt!

It just takes away any romance doesn’t it, having babies in the house?
Or maybe just in my house then?
Or maybe it’s just me?

I honestly don’t know how people get back in the sack so quickly after having a baby. When I discover women getting pregnant accidentally so soon after just having one, I am gobsmacked! When the midwife and doctor had the contraception talk with me after each birth, I just smiled and told them that a baby is the best form of birth control in my house!

So I don’t know how long my lack of ‘making a move’ will last before the topic is brought up again.

Honestly though, I really don’t feel like taking him up on his offer (and what a romantic one it was, hey ladies?) for the foreseeable future, and I don’t really know when I will feel differently. Possibly once I have stopped breast feeding? Once we can move Jenson into Burton’s room? Hard to say really. The OH and I don’t even kiss or cuddle really, so maybe that is where we should start? (hint hint if you are reading this OH)

Until then I will just resume my mummy duties and try to get some sleep and keep my hands to myself!!

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