Project 365 Week 1 (2014)

Wednesdsay 1st January, 2014 – New Years Day
Onwards and upwards and lets draw a line under yesterday was my motto for today! For those of you that read my final installement of my project 365 for 2013 will know what I am referring too (and thank you all for not judging, and for offering words of comfort and sharing similar tales, it really meant a LOT, thank you xx).

We went to Tesco for a new years day brunch which was not a good start to my healthier 2014 – so instead of tucking into a bowl of fruit and nut I had a cooked breakfast instead!IMG_1257 (1) Oh well, I always think Monday is a better day to start a new healthier living regime *ahem*. It poured with rain all day so when we got home we took all the decorations down and I was able to make use of my new vacumn cleaner – it is so nice having one that actually makes the carpets look hoovered! Lol what a thing to admit to doing! The boys helped, of course and they also enjoyed playing with their new toys…… and making more mess in the process!!

Thursday 2nd January
This morning while Daddy had to return to work (but from home until Monday), the boys and I went out to get some groceries and picked up a few bargains too from the sales. This afternoon I suggested to the boys that they might like to play out in the garden – before we reached it as the three of us stepped out onto the decking and, although not at the same time, we all slipped and fell over because the wood was sooo slippery! So while Jenson and I dried off, Burton decided to go on the trampoline!burtonjump365Then afterwards he and Jenson spent 2 hours playing with their new play doh play sets which was great, although the inevitable mess was not!

Friday 3rd January
Following a morning of playing and tidying I took the boys to the soft play this afternoon to allow them to run off some steam as it was another miserable day weather wise. We met up with one of Burton’s school friends, his sister (same age as Jenson) and Mum which was good fun
IMG_1265 (2)

Saturday 4th January
It was swimming lesson time again after a short festive break and Burton got an award today for completing 10m of breast stroke
IMG_1266 (2)
Afterwards he and I walked over to look at the swollen river after the rain and high tide that we have been having in the area.
When we got home, while I made lunch Daddy took the boys to the park on their bikes while it was dry Β and it gave me some peace for an hour lol! Then after lunch I went off into town for an hour to check out the sales and I bought myself two new tops – I hope they will fit!

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