5 years on

I was sat in the bath last Tuesday night shaving my legs, like you do!,when I remembered that the OH and I had forgotten our 5 year anniversary of being a couple. The date we first got together (the night after I dumped my ex! Ooops) was November 8th, 2005.
So upon realising this fact I shouted to my OH to pop to the bathroom as I had something to tell him. “it had better be important” he replied “as I am in the middle of doing something here” (he was in his office/xbox room). Charming, I thought. Anyway, when he reached the bathroom I told him we had forgotten and said “happy anniversary” and he laughed and asked how long had it been to which I replied “five years” and he said “that long?!”. Then he left, so i asked where my kiss was and he laughed! Well, how romantic was that! I seem to recall that on our first anniversary I was given a necklace and was taken out for a meal! How times have changed!
Anyway, it got me thinking about the last five years we have been together and I thought i would show this through photos taken from each year, to show how much we have changed from when we first got together to now!
January 2006 ( been together for 2 months)

Christmas 2006 ( been together 13 months)

Boxing Day 2007 (been together for 25 months)

Summer 2008 (been together for almost 3 years)

November 2009 (4 years)

Now 2010 (don’t have any of the two of us taken together recently!)

So all in all I feel 5 years was something to celebrate afterall, as quite a lot has happened during that time 🙂
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Thank you xx