It’s All Rasta Stupid, If You Ask me!

So another kids TV programme is causing uproar among parents! This time the ‘offending’ programme is Rastamouse, which is aimed at the under 6’s and is shown just before tea time on CBeeebies. The story revolves around Rastamouse, a skateboarding cool dude mouse, and his friends Scratchy and Zoomer , who are all crime solving secret agents who work for the President, and who also play in a reggae band. So what’s the problem you may be asking yourself?

Apparently, as the name of the show would suggest, the characters speak in a Jamaican Patois and use phrases such as ‘irie’ (which means happy) and ‘ting’ instead of thing! Well, I expect you are shocked by that aren’t you? That a rastamouse would speak in Jamaican!

The BBC has received complaints from viewers depicting the show as being racist, that it contains stereotype black people and is full of slang words and not liking the language used by the characters!

I will be honest I have only seen a couple of episodes, as it is on at a time that Burton and I don’t tend to watch CBeebies. However, from what I have seen I really don’t understand why there has been such an uproar! It is just a bit of fun and infact I think it is refreshing to see a children’s TV programme that reflects a different culture, afterall we do live in a multi cultural society and it’s good for children from all cultures to see what other ones exist. Most of it’s target audience (not the parents, I know a lot of you enjoy this show!) are too young to probably get the humour it conveys anyway, and watch it to see the adventures of the mice and listen to the reggae music. Ok so some children may well repeat some of the terminology from the programme at school, but does that matter? Phrases from popular TV shows such as Little Britain and the Catherine Tate show, for example, have been repeated by teens and adults alike and the content of these programmes have been a tad risque, so what’s the difference?

I know that when I was growing up Grange Hill was always in the news for controversial story lines as was Byker Grove. In recent times the Teletubbies
was hugely criticised for it’s choice of language it’s lead characters adopted and for possibly having a gay Teletubby!

The ‘ting’ is Rastamouse is thriving – it is currently the most watched CBeebies programme on iPlayer, and has the biggest cult following since the Teletubbies. A single from the show is being released which has even been played on Radio 2 , i know this because this is how my Mum heard about the show!

I think the parents who have complained need to quite frankly get a life, and if they don’t approve of it then there is a switch on their remote which can turn the television off – you get me?! 🙂

Please share your thoughts, I would love to hear them. Thanks.

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The Gallery – One Day In My Life

This weeks theme set by Tara over at Sticky Fingers for The Gallery is 24 hours: to show what we all get up to on one day through photographs.

This is what my day was like today, some of it was the usual and some things made a change from the normal day to day routine. I don’t always know what I am going to do with Burton every day, but today I made plans to meet up with two friends which made a nice change.

So here is how we spent our day:

8am cheerios time!

8.15am My iPad is ‘kidnapped’ while Burton watches Little Charley Bear on iPlayer (while wearing one wellington boot!)

9am ish Burton thought he would mop the floor for me!

10.30am Burton, Penguin and I get ready to head into town

12pm meet a friend for lunch in Costa

Penguin sits in the high chair while Burton sits on a big boys chair!

12.45pm Nap time in M & S

3pm playtime at a friends house with her son

5.30pm tea time

6.15pm Daddy and Burton catch up time

7.30pm Bathtime

7.45pm Mummy tidy up time while Daddy puts Burton to bed

8.30pm Mummy time 🙂

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Clipping Little Nails

Fellow Mum’s and Dad’s I need your help and advice. Burton is scared to have his nails cut with the nail clippers, to the point where he screams and cries and gets hysterical. The worst thing about all this? It’s my fault 🙁

When he was very small keeping his nails short was easy, because his Daddy or I were able to clip them quite easily with his little baby nail clippers. However, once he got older, probably around the 9 month stage, he became aware of what we were doing and wriggled more and tried to remove his hands from our grasp. As time went on it became harder and harder to cut them through his constant moving about to get away from us. On a couple of occasions When I was in charge of trimming them, in my haste to get them cut as quick as I could before he wriggled to get away, I accidentally cut a nail too short and it would bleed a tiny bit. This obviously stung a little and would make the next nail cutting experience worse. It has happened a few times now 🙁

It is just terrible now. We have tried bribing him with chocolate buttons, in that for every nail we cut he gets one; the OH even pretends to cut his nails so he can see it doesn’t hurt but he just gets hysterical whenever he sees the nail clippers coming! Once the fiasco is over, he won’t even go near whichever one of us tried to cut his nails (usually failing) because we have upset him so much.

I blame myself for his new found phobia, due to hurting him a couple of times but it was only because he wriggles so much that I did it. It wasn’t intentional, obviously.

The thing is, where do we go from here? His nails grow so quickly that they need cutting every couple of weeks. If anyone has had any experience of this or something similar and has any advice to share, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you xx

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