Colour In Tops by Selfie Clothing #Review


At the start of the summer holidays we had a couple of weeks where the weather was mostly wet, dull and well rubbish! However, to be fair since then we have had lots of sunny and warm days without any rain, so it came with a bit of a shock the morning to awake to a slightly darker morning and the sound of rain outside my bedroom window.

Having had a week of getting out and about I decided that today would be ok to have a stay at home day, and I also had the perfect rainy day activity for my boys to amuse themselves with: some Colour in Tops by Selfie Clothing. These delightful long sleeve tee shirts come in a tube complete with 6 permanent fabric marker pens, a practice sheet and a protective sheet for ironing your finished design with to make the colouring permanent when the top is being washed. 

I was sent two different designs :

Superhero (which Jenson selected)

and Police Officer which Burton chose.

You can practice your colour scheme first if you prefer, but my two just got stuck in



This kept them occupied for an entire morning while it rained outside, so I was very happy as I was able to do some baking and tidy up the kitchen and make lunch while they coloured away. Result!

Once the tee shirts have been coloured in, you place the enclosed protective sheet over your design and iron ore wit to lock in the colour, this will make it water resistant when the top is washed, so the colours do not easy away. Then your top is ready to wear 🙂



Priced at just £12.95 I think these are brilliant value for money because a brand new top can costs this, except you cannot colour it in yourself! However, these tops were marked as being suitable for ages 4-6 BUT the neck hole is not that big and Jenson struggled to remove his, and Burton, well there was no point even attempting to put his on because he does have a big head LOL! However, as you can see from Jenson’s photo, they do fit well once they are on.

I was sent these tops for the purpose of a review from

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