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Movie Munch Bars

There is nothing better than getting comfy on your sofa with your loved ones and watching a movie. It is especially good when it is wet outside and there is nothing much else you can do anyway, so the guilt of sitting down and relaxing is lessened!

What is even better than getting cosy on the sofa with your family to watch a film, is to have some yummy snacks to munch on and share with them of course! We tend to like eating popcorn, sweets or chocolate as these are treats that we save for movie nights or afternoons. However, this does involve lots of bowls being passed around us and the two sofas in our lounge, so recently I came up with the idea of creating some movie munch bars.


Essentially, this is just homemade chocolate bark covered in our favourite sweets and some popcorn but what makes it great, is that it has everything we would normally eat in one (or maybe two because one is never enough!) handy to hold bar.


By making this movie munch chocolate bark, it also helps to cut back on the amount of treats we might get carried away with eating while we are busy watching a film. After all, having two bars to munch on is good portion control, because I know how easy it is to get carried away eating way too many sweets, chocolate and popcorn when it is there in front of me!

To make these Movie Munch Bars you need:

1 large baking tray
greaseproof paper
4 bars of chocolate – I use Tesco value milk chocolate
2 packets of Smarties
1/2 bag of Haribo
approx 35g popcorn
a tin

Line the baking tray with the greaseproof paper
Melt the chocolate and pour over the paper and spread over with a knife
Add your sweets, smarties and popcorn
carefully cover with foil and place in the fridge for at least one hour to harden


remove and cut into squares /rectangles


place the bars into a tin and keep in the fridge until you are ready to eat them


Obviously, you can add whichever chocolates and sweets you like – anything goes really


Then once you are comfy on your sofa and enjoying your film, you can tuck in – yummy!


So what are your favourite homemade snacks and recipes to share with your family and friends, for those cosy moments huddled around your sofa. ? I have showed you ours so not it is your turn to show me yours and in return for doing so, you can be win with a chance of winning yourself a hamper from Fortnum and Mason worth Β£80 thanks to DFS.

All you need to do is fill in the form below telling me your favourite sofa snacks. The closing date is Monday 16th May, 2016. Good luck.

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I have received a hamper in exchange for writing this post and hosting this prize draw.

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  1. I like popcorn or chocolate but love your idea of combining the goodies and may have to give it a go

  2. My favourite home made sofa snack will be home made brownies with honey comb ice cream. When I have no home made honey comb ice cream (had no idea how easy it was to make that!) I love to put chocolate sauce and sprinkles on the brownies. Not too healthy but rather yummie! A real treat.

  3. Jacobs crackers, spread with Branstons, topped with grated cheddar, then microwaved till the cheese melts.

  4. I like a bowl of chopped apple. pineapple cubes and cheese – yum!

    anthony harrington

  5. For a recent family night in I made homemade doughnuts with chocolate fudge sauce to dip them in, my goodness were they nice but I think I put on about a stone in 5 mins πŸ™

  6. The family love my home made cookies, I do lots of different flavours to add interest.

  7. Brownies with fruit and nuts in them. Not very healthy, but a delicious occasional treat!

  8. Can’t go wrong with toffee popcorn but always love some homemade biscuits and/or cake when settling down to watch a film.

  9. pre-bought treats i’d say doritos and dip but if i was making something, rice crispy cakes πŸ˜€

  10. I make some really yummy popcorn, nutella and chocolate balls that I roll up and put in the fridge freezer to harden up a bit…they are so tasty! x

  11. popcorn from the machine and cupcakes my grand daughter loves making them

  12. I’m not a great cook, but my family love my victoria sponge and little cakes

  13. rock cakes fresh fro the oven – bit IO love the look of the much bars – these woudl keep everyone happy!

  14. My girls love to make their own pizza. I just prepare the bases and prep the toppings in bowls and away they go! All the different varieties are great for sharing!

  15. Everyone loves my homemade millionaires shortbread, cut into mini pieces it’s a great after dinner sofa snack

  16. We’re big lovers of banana bread, nachos and toasted pittas with hummus!

  17. Oreo Truffle Balls. Ok, you’re about to discover chocolate in a whole new light. You have never tasted anything as rich and yummy as these Oreo balls. This is my secret recipe for those nights in: Take one pack of Oreos and crush them up. I use a wooden spoon or a rolling pin and do it in a bowl. Next, mix in one pack of cream cheese. Roll this mixture into balls, (it can get messy!), dip them into melted chocolate and then put them in the fridge for a few hours until hard. Warning: You will be addicted!

  18. My mini-pizza crumpets always go down well – I grill them a little bit then spread them with butter and cheese and sliced baby plum tomatoes and then grill them again till the cheese bubbles – fattening but delicious!

    These are followed by my homemade millionaires shortbread cut into small bite-size pieces.

  19. Mug cakes- peanut butter, egg and some chocolate chips- mix and microwave- amazing with ice cream!

  20. Marshmallow fluff and peanut butter with bread pieces for dipping! (Tastes better than it sounds!)

  21. We just LOVE Cocktail sticks with cheese, pickled onion and mini sausages so yummy but very addictive lol

  22. we make pop corn in the microwave – then whilst its still hot chuck it in a bowl and pour over melted milk chocolate and add in peanutes and almonds and marshmallows and stirr. leave it to set and its amazing!

  23. I love home made popcorn,my all time fave was my festive treat – popcorn covered in sugar melts, mixed with pretzels, red annd green m&msand green/red/white sprinkles!! bit naughty though!!

  24. we enjoy homemake popcorn. we play a game to who can guess when the corn will stop popping in the saucepan.

  25. Popcorn with cinnamon and canderel (but the one that is just like sugar) we normally put it back in the microwave once it’s been put on it and then ping it for another 30 seconds.

  26. If we are having a family movie night I always make nachos with melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream

  27. It might not be cooking but we like melted chocolate with marshmallows, strawberries ect dipped in

  28. Our favourite sharing snack is melted Camembert with celery sticks to dip …. yummy

  29. The last thing we made was flapjacks. We used some granola cereal, leftover Easter eggs (??!! Does that even exist??), a few raisins thrown in and some tiny marshmallows. So quick and easy and they went down a treat. Basically golden syrup and butter melted together, throw everything else in and put on a tray then refrigerate x

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