Easy Cake Pops


I have tried making homemade cake pops, and indeed a few years ago my Mum bought me a cake pop machine which made them fast and easily. However, decorating them has never been as easy, for me at least! Either the sticks fall of, or the weight of the chocolate coating makes the cake falls into the chocolate!!! Previously, I have tried all manner of things in my quest to make neat cake pops, and so far my Ferrero Rocher ones are my most successful ones to date.

Recently I was sent a selection of delicious cakes from Love Marlenka, the main ingredient being honey. Whilst sharing a box of their little cake nuggets with a friend and mine and her children, it suddenly hit me that these little cakes would make perfect cake pops!!


So I decided to have a go, using some white chocolate and some sprinkles and some lolly pop sticks, in the absence of proper white cake pops sticks, I made my honey filled chocolate cake pops, using the Cocoa Honey Nuggets.






Hurrah a cake pop which stayed on its stick!!! Tasted pretty good too!!!

I was sent a selection of Love Marlenka products for the purpose of a review



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