Sunday Family Time With Fajitas & A Movie

With the arrival of autumn comes shorter days, as the daylight hours start to lessen and the darker nights draw in. While we have still been so fortunate to have enjoyed such warm, dry and sunny weather (I am still managing to avoid wearing a coat outdoors!), before I know it the weather will change and Sunday afternoons will be filled with trips to soft play, or lazy afternoons playing and watching a movie.

That’s not to say that we dont enjoy watching a film together on a dry day, as we often do on a Sunday afternoon following a busy morning out and about, and after a hearty lunch which everyone has worked up an appetite for.

I think there is nothing better for a fun family meal then fajitas. I love putting little bowls of sides out on the table along with the wraps and the meat and vegetable fillings. I tend to cook sausages and chicken with peppers and onions, as the boys prefer sausages, although Burton will eat chicken now (yay!), while Daddy and I prefer chicken. Cooking fajitas is so easy when you can buy a sachet of fajita seasoning, and takes next to no time to cook, and we prefer the smoky blend of spices to the hot ones. Sometimes I like to bake the wraps in the oven covered in a tomato sauce with cheese on top to melt, but today we just kept it simple and had wraps which we filled ourselves.




For the first time EVER, in the history of my making fajitas for my family, Jenson ate some wrap as normally he just has the filling with baked beans and cheese (he will eat most things if baked beans are servd alongside it!). And – yes another happy mummy moment – Burton ate a filled wrap! Normally, he eats the wrap plain, with the filling and sides alongside it but today he ate two wraps filled with the fajita seasoned sausages, cheese and ketchup!! I almost fell off my chair! Both the boys tried some of the guacamole for the first time as I told them it was Shrek sauce, as we would be watching Shrek later in the afternoon. Well, sometimes you have to tell little *white lies*  to encourage new foods to be eaten in my house! However, the peppers , which I was told them was dragon flames took more convincing!




After our delicious family meal we sat down with our Shrek movie and enjoyed a good old family film – which both boys enjoyed.


I love family time 🙂

 I was sent a box of products from Santa Maria (previously Discovery Foods) to enjoy a family meal and movie together, for the purpose of a review. I think it is fair to say that we all had a lovely experience together. 


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  1. I bought some of the fajita seasoning mix as it was on offer but not used it yet – the ranch dressing mix is great for emergency dips though!

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