Great Bloggers Bake Off Round Up #6

Great Bloggers Bake Off Round Up #6

 Welcome to my 6th round up for The Great Bloggers Bake Off, where shortly my Star Baker / Bakers will be revealed. However, before that we need to see all of the amazing bakes that were linked up this week.

This week was all about Euopean cake and bakes, and the GBBO show was divided into 3 pastry themes which were:

Signature Bake : Yeast-Leavened Cakes
Technical Bake : Swedish Princess Cake
Showstopper : Two-Tiered Dobos Torte.

Not only did I really enjoy looking at all the different bakes you came up with this week, but I discovered about a whole host of Euopean cakes that I ahd never heard of before! Such strange names too but so fascinating to read about, so thank you ladies.  As always they all looked delicious.

 So here they all are – week 5’s bake off, bake along bakes!!!

Yeast-Leavened Cakes 

Chunky Chocolate Kugelhopf
Chocolate Pecan Gugelhupf
GF Savarin Cake
Chocolate Savarin Drenched in Chocolate Syrup

Swedish Princess Cake

 Prinsesstarta Cake
Paupers Princess Cake

 Two-Tiered Dobos Torte.
Sacher Tortesachertorte - mari

 European Inspired Cakes

Battenburg Cake
Traditional Black Forest Cake
Walnut Cake with Speculoos Frosting
German Apple Streusel Cake
Austrian Chocolate Cake


Black Cherry & Chocolate Chip Mini Panettones 

So who will be this weeks

 star bakerweek6

Right I am going to award more than 1 again this week, because it is too hard to pick just one and the bakes were so varied. So without any further ado congratulations to:

Mari for her Sacher Torte – I loved the story behind this bake and as the only person who made a torte and did it so well (look at the shine on her chocolate ganache and the neatness of her chocolate Sacher writing), how could I not make her a Star Baker?

sachertorte - mari1

Second Star Baker goes to Beckie for her Prinsesstarta Cake as she made all of the elements herself and that is a massive task! (well done to Pigling Bland too with her fake off version the aptly named Paupers Princess Cake– still a great looking cake)


For the yeast leavened cakes it was tricky because I thought that Stacey’s Chunky Chocolate Kugelhopf was fantastic and the two Savarin Cakes rose beautifully too , check out Fran’s GF Savarin Cake and this Chocolate Savarin Drenched in Chocolate Syrup. But I am going with Ellie’s Chocolate Pecan Gugelhupf because she made a marble version which I thought was clever, and the addition of muscavado sugar with the pecans must have made for a tasty caramel nutty cake.


Well done to you all once again Star Bakers and awesome bakers alike – please let me know if you would like your Star Baker badge so I can email it across. Thank you

Until Wednesday, keep on baking 🙂


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