Christmas Pudding Nougat

Having made all my savoury Christmas food leftovers into several meals, by New Years day the only food left to eat up was some chocolates and some Christmas Pudding. My Christmas Pudding is delicious as it is of course, being homemade, but as I had quite a bit left I thought it would be interesting to see what I could make with it. Having made muffins last year, this year I thought I would go down the sweet treats path this time, and I have managed to make a few things the first of which is some Christmas Pudding Nougat. I have no idea how you make actual nougat, this is my own ‘cheats’ version made with some store cupboard ingredients.

Here is how I made it

xmaspuddingnougatbadgeAll you need to make this ‘nougat’ is

1 tin of condensed milk
5g unsalted butter
350g white chocolate
250g cooked christmas pudding, broken into small pieces
a baking tin – rectangular approx 20 x 10cm , lined with parchment paper

Then simply

place the butter, condensed milk and white chocolate into a non stick pan over a gentle heat and slowly melt them all together, stirring some of the time being carefully not to burn the mixture.

once melted add the christmas pudding and mix but be careful not to over mix as you do not want to break up the pudding pieces too much

pour into the lined tin and smooth over the top and chill in the fridge over night

when ready to use, remove the baking parchment and cut into squares – the nougat is very sticky so dipping the knife into hot water in between each cut might be best!

Once cut keep in a sealed tub lined (and layered) with parchment paper and keep in the fridge for a week or so – if it stays around that long!


Its is a little sweet but not too bad considering, and the flavours and texture of the pudding come through so it is like a slightly boozy fruit and nut nougat.

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