1. Awww. Such a wonderful milestone… and completely with you, I had to swallow my tears as S walked down the corridor hand-in-hand with her teacher. I’m so glad he had such a fantastic day. x

  2. So glad he had a good 1st day. Joseph started last week doing mornings, then this week is morning + lunch & next week is full time. Joseph has never been very good at telling us what he has done at pre-school etc. & is no better now he is at school. We have to prize every lttle snipit of info from him!

    • thanks Jo. I was surprised at how much Burton told us actually, I thought he would forget! Burton has gone straight into full time – amazes e how much every school area varies so much x

  3. Oh look how happy and excited he is. You’ve done such an amazing job bringing up your little boy, he is a wonderful child and that’s down to you. You asked me to remind you that this is a necessary part of growing up, that he is still your boy, that you will still be able to do everything that you always have with him, just at a different time. I still get tearful every so often, but I’m starting to adjust; give it a fortnight.

    • thank you and i do feel like the worde day is over now – for me i mean as he is fine and dandy, which is how it should be. we will do plenty at weekends and some afternoons after school x

  4. Oh bless him he looks so cute in his uniform. So glad he had such a nice first day – hopefully knowing he is enjoying himself so much will make it easier for you xx

  5. What a lovely post Jenny, I am so glad that Burton got on well at school, and I can imagine I will be exactly the same as you are, it makes me emotional just thinking about it.
    I love the little conversation they had too, so adorable! x

    • Thanks Katie – it is a horrible feeling having to let them go out into the world (even if it is only school) i still feel like something is missing inside. BUT i know he will enjoy learning xx

  6. In a couple of years, you will look back at this post and smile. He looks so grown up and this post really made me realise that this time next year, it will be my last baby going to school next year. I’m sure that he will love school and I am sure that in a few weeks time it will feel like he has always been there. Big hugs to you though as it isn’t easy for us mums. I cry when they start and when they leave (and a few times in between). Such a lovely post

  7. aww look at him…what a smart young man! Funny about the shoes & socks after us talking about it yesterday! I’m glad his first day went well & hope it went just as well again today…
    Jack has the same lunchbox…along with half the school I think!!

  8. Oh it is so lovely that he has had such a great time Jenny, that must help you a little. Although I can imagine how tough it is and I got a bit teary eyes just reading this. I was a wreck taking my eldest to nursery school for 3 hours a day! x

  9. Ah it is a weird feeling isn’t it? Mixture of grief and pride. He looks so happy with himself though – I love that picture of him peeking into the classroom. Hope you’re feeling better with it now x

  10. Clever big brave boy. He is such a handsome boy.
    I love “you will not believe this…” haha!
    Well done to you for not crying in the classroom. I made a fool of myself and did a little embarrassing blub. xx

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