1. emsyjo

    Wow,I think you’ve excelled yourself this time. I love the attention to detail x

  2. Hayley

    I always love seeing your party food, you are so creative! Look amazing and what great weather for the children too. xx

  3. Jo @ Le Baby Bakery

    Looks like a great party, Joseph has asked for a halloween party for his 5th birthday so i have pinned so i can copy some of your ideas 🙂

  4. caro_mad

    Absolutely amazing. Last year was great and so is this. Burton is one lucky little boy. Fantastic, I bet all his little friends were so envious! x

  5. Apart from this party being truly epic and amazing he is very lucky to have such an amazing mum. I don’t need to ask if he had a good party the pictures say it all. Thank you for sharing such a special moment.

    Now my birthday is May 25th ok – I’m free to come to you ;OP xx

  6. mummyslittle peeps

    The good looks truly fantastic, what a great theme. Burton looks like he is having such fun. I love the party bags too.

  7. James White

    Absolutely fabulous birthday celebration dear, I love your catering style. Got surprized on seeing your party celebration. You Should definitely try for party supply business because such lovable themes are demanded by all customers. I have a friend who is a famous party supplier in Australia and provide kids party supplies. Here i am leaving a link below, you must visit it. I’m sure you will find a lot of material of your concern.

  8. It was such an amazing party and you really excelled yourself with all the little added extras and attention to detail. I did think the cake was a stroke of genius and that the witches hat was one of the simplest, but effective ways of decorating it and making it truly identifiable. I also really liked the kebab wands; almost a whole meal in one stick! Thank you for inviting us, we had a brilliant time!

  9. My son’s older now, so not really interested in themed parties, but your witch themed one reminds me of many happy Halloween bashes. Of course, being Halloween the fare was much gorier, but many of the same basic elements applied. The main cake looks wonderful, but I was particularly impressed with the jaffa-cake variation as sooo simple! And the ice-cream cone cupcakes would be a perfect template for a ‘sorting hat’ version if anyone’s planning an HP party 🙂

  10. Emily

    I’m doing a Room on the Broom party a week Sunday for my daughter and LOVE your kebab wands. Where did you get the star shaped potato savouries from please?

  11. Debbie Campbell

    This looks fantastic! My daughter loves the book and the short film so I thought why not do a Room on the Broom birthday party! Was looking for some ideas on google and came across your page! Did you serve anything specific for drinks? X

  12. Collette Wooldridge

    Thanks for the tips, we’re doing this theme for my sons 4th birthday, fingers crossed it goes as well as yours xx

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