Pizza Pancakes

My boys will not eat pancakes. It is a shame because I love them and they are so versatile as you can eat them sweet and savoury, lending themselves nicely to be made into a main meal, snack, breakfast and a pudding. Still, I will keep trying new ways of serving pancakes to them in a bid to get them to like them somehow!!

Tonight I thought I would attempt to make Pizza Pancakes, having recalled seeing some made some time ago and thinking what a great tea time meal this would make. I made mine slightly differently and here is how I did it.pizzapancakesbadge


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Pizza Pancakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Cuisine: mains, snacks,
Serves: 8
  • *For The Pancakes*
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 small mugs of flour
  • 2 small mugs of milk
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • ½ tsp dried basil
  • oil for greasing the pan to cook the pancakes in
  • *For The Pizza Topping*
  • 2 tins of chopped tomatoes - drain all the liquid away
  • grated cheese - approx 250g
  • 1 tsp dried oregano/basil or a mix of both
  • pinch of sugar
  • your choice of extras eg, ham, mushrooms, onions, sausages etc.... I used frankfurter sausages as the boys enjoy these
  1. Place all the pancake batter ingredients and 1 handful of the grated cheese into a large mixing bowl and beat with a whisk for a few minutes until light and airy
  2. To make the tomato sauce for your pizza toppings, mix the drained tomatoes with the sugar and whizz with a hand held blender stick to make a paste
  3. Add the herbs and stir and heat for a minute in microwave to make it warm.
  4. Place to one side while you make the pancakes
  5. Place your frying pan (non stick works best) onto a high heat and add a little oil to lightly grease it
  6. Pre heat the grill to a medium-high setting
  7. Add a ladel full of batter at a time to the pan to make thicker american style pancakes and cook on both sides for a couple of minutes to cook the pancakes
  8. As each pancake is cooked, place onto grease proof paper
  9. Once all the pancakes are cooked spread one side of each with the tomato paste, your choice of toppings, in my case the frankfurter style sausages, and then add the cheese
  10. Place under the grill - I removed the wire rack part and placed the pancakes in the tray part, and grill for 1- 2 minutes keeping an eye on them so they do not burn. You just want to melt the cheese really.
  11. Then they are ready to serve

pizzapancakes1pizzapancakes2pizzapancakes5The boys did actually eat most of their pizza pancakes – so I would call that a success!!

This is a great tea time snack, I had one topped with mushroom and sweetcorn and using a pancake as the base for a pizza really works! I will definately be making these again! Of course you could use a substitute for tomato paste on these pizzas – anything goes really!

They taste just like a regular hot dog sausage and the boys enjoyed eating them on their pancake pizzas – infact they ate all the Jungle Dog sausages no problem!! Shame they didn’t eat all their pancakes!