Family Games

Family Games

I have always enjoyed playing games, and when I was younger and living at home with my brother, Mum and Dad I was always asking for us to play one of my favourite board games. Growing up I think favourites of both my brother and I were Cluedo, Monopoly, Guess Who, Connect 4 and, for me especially, Scrabble. As we got older, Trivial Pursuit was a game we would always play as a family, and at Christmas when we had family over, it would be got out and I honestly do not think I ever won a game of it!! Scrabble is still a game I enjoy playing – although since I no longer see as much of my fellow scrabble loving friend Abi as much as I did since I had the boys, I only play it on my app version!

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Why I Love Autumn

Why I Love Autumn

I LOVE autumn. I love the changing colours of the leaves, nature’s treasures like finding shiny new brown conkers and little acorns and their caps. I love the sound of the crisp leaves and branches under my feet as I step on them, the golden light of the sun late in the afternoon casting an amber glow across the ground.

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How To Prevent Summer Night -Mares

How To Prevent Summer Night -Mares

We have had some VERY hot days so far this spring going into summer, and inevitably there will be more to come as the summer continues and although it is lovely for enjoying lots of outdoors time, it is not so good when it comes to bedtime especially for our children. I have had problems getting my two to sleep some nights (not every night thank goodness, but more than normal), they are asking why they have to go to bed while it is still light outside and it means I am not able to sneak off like I can before they are fully asleep as I can in the winter months! If I open the skylight in their bedroom roof,  to help cool the room down as it does get hot in their room, not only does it mean that the blackout blind is not being used, the light comes it through the gap made by it being open and then it is even lighter in their room!!!  It can be a bit of a nightmare it has to be said.

However, hot, light summer nights do not deter me from sticking to our bedtime routine, which means that by 7pm the boys are in bed (ok, so sometimes this is a little later at the weekend), we have had a story, they may just be clothed in pants and lying on just their sheet with the duvet pulled back but they know that it is bedtime even if it is not easy to get to sleep.

I asked some fellow Mum’s to share their tips and words of wisdom based on years of experience of these  summer night-mares and here is what they said:

“Cool showers at end of day and vest and knickers to sleep in. I’ve removed duvets and were all sleeping under sheet only, also keep windows open to create a breeze ” Mari from

My baby has been sleeping in just a nappy and the lightest grobag so that she doesn’t overheat and we also put a fan in the hallway so that it’s not blowing directly on either of the kids but still cools the air.” Jayne,

Cold flannels on the forehead, or sweatbands run under a cold tap and squeezed out and put on wrists always helps”.  Tanya,

“We struggle with Ruby’s room as it’s a loft conversion so gets very hot. We keep the blind closed and the window ajar during the day to prevent it heating up too much and she has a fan on during the night We have been known to sleep in the tent in the garden when it’s too hot! “ Liz,

“Black out curtains are a must! A fan is good and even better if you stand a bowl of ice cubes in front of it! Eat you cooked meal earlier in the day – your body creates heat if it is trying to digest (tricky with babies though!) “. Mary, Keynko

‘”I am one of those strict parents that no matter what night of the week it is, school or no school they go to bed at the same time every night. Obviously if we are away it varies a little but generally they are ready to go to bed at the same time.” Sarah Boorooandtiggertoo

“I leave the curtains closed during the day, which keeps the room cooler”. Andrea,

If it gets too hot, Amy just covers with a sheet instead of a heavy duvet that makes her sweat.” Carolin,

“I let mine stay up later in the school holidays, easier for them to sleep when they are tired and a bonus lie in for all in the morning”. Fiona,

“I don’t put mine to bed, even when they’re tired, if I can see they’re too hot and wired. I do a longer bedtime routine, just sitting around reading together, and give hem extra time to wind down. This time of year they have so much excitement at school – fairs, parties, sports days – that it’s difficult for them to switch off. If I put mine to bed early they will just fidget for hours and lie awake. So I wait for them to chill, calm down, and start to yawn. Then they tend to fall asleep quickly.” Helen,
Some wonderful snippets of advice there, thank you ladies.
Even though it may be too hot for pajamas some nights, when, or if,  you do dress your children in them for bed, always choose cotton ones as they allow the skin to breathe, and will not make their bodies as hot (and indeed sweaty) as nylon, polyester or of course those fleecy onesies!! Also, I find with my boys if they have pajamas which are fun and of interest to them then bedtime is easier all round because they cannot wait to put them on, which makes bedtime a little easier!










I think as a parent you have to do whatever you can to make sure  summer night-mares are avoided, and to get your child/children to go to bed easily when it is hot and light. Remembering to ensure  they are hydrated, the room is cool, they are dressed appropriately for the temperatures and they close their eyes so at least if the room is light, all they will see is darkness. That is what I try to tell Burton and Jenson anyway !!!

I was sent some items from House Of Fraser,  to help me with the summer nights for the purpose of this post