Small Design Choices To Keep The Kitchen “Bake Off Ready”

When you’re spending a lot of your free time baking delicious goodies for the family, it is important that the kitchen is well organised and clean, so you can “get set, bake” whenever you like. From keeping your essential tools prepped to having your work surfaces clear, your baking will be a lot easier if your kitchen is ready, so when you’re thinking about kitchen design, keep these factors at the centre of your plan. You can then concentrate on making a splendid souffle or some cracking crackers without a soggy bottom in sight. 

Uncluttered designs for clean work surfaces

Ideally, your kitchen work surfaces should be as clear and uncluttered as possible. Kitchen designs that allow you to store items that aren’t in use every day away from the surfaces give you more space to work with, and also ensure that day-to-day cleaning is effortlessly thorough. A massive 40% of food poisoning cases originate in the kitchen, which is why it’s essential to make sure that the surfaces are wiped clean with an anti-bacterial spray every day. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals – a spray made from lemon juice, vinegar and water is effective, and won’t taint the taste of anything left on the work surface. Storing kitchen items away from surface areas not only keeps the space looking uncluttered, but also minimises the number of items that need daily cleaning.

Don’t forget the walls 

The walls, particularly the one behind the oven often get splashed with food and other liquids. That rogue butterscotch sauce can be very difficult to remove, so it is a good idea to make sure there is a wipe-clean splashback. Industry experts Atlas Ceramics recommend putting a strip of large kitchen tiles along the wall behind the cooker. They will protect the walls and be easy to keep clean if there is a baking disaster (we’ve all been there). 

Have your tools ready

While the ideal kitchen is designed with a maximum amount of clear work surface in mind, it’s also important to be able to access your utensils easily. Allocate a specific large storage jar on the counter for all your frequently used baking utensils. Alternatively, hang them up from a rail underneath wall mounted cupboards, or install a hanging rack over the kitchen island. Incorporating deep drawers into your kitchen plan will allow you to keep related accessories together, and will mean you can keep bulky items like food processors and hand whisks off the surface but easily accessible. 

Set up some film and foil dispensers

Cling film, tin foil and baking paper are three of the most used weapons in a baker’s artillery, and they can be factored into your kitchen design. You wouldn’t see Paul Hollywood wasting time trying to find the end of the cling film so that he can put some over his bowl of sourdough. On your kitchen wall, attach three dispensers for these essential items, so you can easily tear off the right amount you need for your baking project. You will be less likely to waste these resources too. 

The key to getting your baking perfect is organisation. Planning your kitchen with organisation at the heart of the design means that you can concentrate on getting the recipe right and creating something delicious and tasty to share with family and friends. 

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