10 Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to get prepared. This means buying chocolates and cards and, of course, decorating. However, you don’t have to buy decorations as well.

Instead, you can make them for little to no cost and have fun while you do it. In this article, we are going to look at 10 do it yourself Valentine’s Day projects that will be fun to make and look fantastic when you are done.

Hand Sewn Felt Heart Ornament for Valentine’s Day

Workspace with tools for handmade and sewing felt hearts for Valentine’s Day. Master class. Top view.

This project is fun and easy to do. All you need is some felt – red preferably but any color you would like your heart to be – some thread and a needle, some stuffing, and a little bit of fabric paint. To start, cut out two heart shapes from your felt. Then, you are going to start sewing these together, add the stuffing before you are finished, and then finish sewing them up. If you want to hang them up, don’t forget to add a little loop at the top.  

Colored Wooden Heart

To make a colored wooden heart is rather simple. You can carve the heart out yourself if your a woodworker or you can probably find a wooden heart already shaped and cut out at your local craft store. Make sure to drill a hole in the top of your heart so you can use a piece of ribbon to hang it up. From there, simply paint your heart the color you want. If you want to get creative, you can add a message onto this one too.

Valentine’s Envelope

You find special letters for your Valentine every year, why not put them in a special envelope as well? Start by getting some sort of construction paper or decorated stationery. Then, fold it into an envelope shape. To do this, simply fold the sides in, glue them, and leave a flap at the top to seal your letter off. When you are ready to seal it off, glue on a small paper heart to add a little extra flair to your design.

Valentine’s Box with Flowers

Florist workplace: how to make box with flowers, step by step, tutorial. Proposal or wedding gift idea.

If you want to be extra creative, you can make a Valentine’s Day box full of flowers. These can be real, if you want to earn extra points, or paper roses, if you want to get creative. All you need to start is a box, florist’s oasis, tape, scissors and, of course, flowers – be they real or paper – accordingly. Follow images bellow to see steps for this lovely and easy project.

Florist workplace: how to make box with flowers, step by step, tutorial. Proposal or wedding gift idea.
Florist workplace: how to make box with flowers, step by step, tutorial. Proposal or wedding gift idea.

Paper Flower

As we mentioned in the section about a Valentine’s Day box with flowers, you can make paper flowers to fill your box. Alternatively, you can decorate with just these paper roses around your house. All you need is some construction paper the color of roses – reds, pinks, and whites, for example. First, draw a swirl on the construction paper and cut it out. Then, roll it back up and glue it to keep it together. Done right, you’ll end up with a perfect rose.

Paper Hearts Hanging

This is another simple option that you have when it comes to decorating for Valentine’s Day. First, you will need different colored construction paper – reds, pinks, and whites are best for staying in the theme. Then, just cut these into a bunch of hearts. Finally, glue or tape a string along the backs of the hearts in a line and hang them wherever you want! Heart shaped paper tags are another great solution. You can even design them online and print.

Heart Door Wreath

Another cute idea is a heart shaped door wreath. This one is easy if you can find a heart shaped frame to use. From there, you can decorate it with flowers, ribbons, and anything else you wish to decorate it with.

Heart Shaped Table Centerpiece

Tutorial How to make christmas table decoration in heart shape

You can use paper, wood pieces, and real flowers to make a beautiful heart shaped centerpiece. This also offers you a different type of decoration than the ones that we have looked at so far, giving you a little variety.

Cupcakes with Heart Shaped Tabs

To do this, cut out heart shapes from construction paper and layer them. Between the layers, glue in a toothpick. Then, when you make cupcakes, you can simply stick these heart tabs on top of the cupcake.

Red Woolen Craft

For this craft, you will need a wooden heart shape and some yarn. Now, wrap the yarn around the wooden heart until it is completely covered and you have the perfect decoration.

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