#NumNomsEaster Egg Hunt Fun


Ever since they were very young, my two boys have loved taking part in Easter egg hunts at this time of year. Obviously, the main incentive is the reward of getting to eat chocolate at the end of it, but even so they will happily look for hidden items in the garden over and over again!

We were sent a lovely parcel from the Num Noms team to assist us in holding an easter hunt this year, and it was perfect timing because all it has done since the boys finished school on Wednesday is rain! 

Therefore, the first day of the holidays was spent making some Num Noms decorations. With glitter, glitter glue, stickers, paints and felt tips involved, the boys were in their crafty fun element, and, as you can imagine, there was a lot of mess made (even now I keep finding glitter particles everywhere!). 

However, it kept them quite for a couple of hours and they really enjoyed customising the egg cards to look like some of their favourite Num Noms. 

Here are their finished eggs – I think they look really colourful and NumNoms like. 

Unfortunately, due to so much rain we were not able to have our egg hunt until today. I hid the egg characters in our garden and then let the boys find them. 

This kept the boys occupied for almost half an hour and then they asked if they could do it again!

So we did!

Once they found their eggs for a second time, we set off to meet a very special Easter friend, and got a chocolate egg too!

Thank you NumNoms for keeping two boys very occupied during some wet weather and for showing that non edible eggs are just as much fun to hide and find as their chocolate counterparts. 

Be sure to check out the #NumNomsEaster on twitter to see what other NumNoms fans got up to on their easter hunts.  Here is a tasty treat to make for a NumNoms Easter:

We were sent some NumNoms goodies for the purpose of a blog post. 

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