Giant Chocolate Easter Nest Cake

This Giant Chocolate Easter Nest Cake is such a simple, yet striking treat to make for Easter and can be made in next to no time. 

Easter is fast approaching, but I figured I had time to squeeze in one more Easter treat inspired recipe! This Giant Chocolate Easter Nest Cake is perfect for squeezing in at short notice, because it takes next to no time to make and being such a fun recipe, it could be one that your children help to make too. 

This Giant Chocolate Easter Nest Cake needs no introduction really, I mean it is such a classic childhood recipe isn’t it? The only difference with my version, is that instead of making lots of individual mini nests, I have opted to make a super sized one. 

I have also chosen too make it a bit naughtier, by drizzling some white chocolate over it and sticking some creme eggs on and, of course, my giant nest holds a lot more mini eggs too. Yummy!

A chocolate nest cake can be made from a variety of different cereals; Rice Krispies, cornflakes, bran flakes, Cheerios, coco pops, and shredded wheat tend to be the most popular ones. However, while this giant nest can be made from any of those cereals, this version was made from something I was sent in my Degustabox UK delivery a few days ago. Shreddies Max , a granola which I thought would work well covered in chocolate, and I was right too.  

I filled my nest with an assortment of mini eggs, some of which I was also sent which were some Milky Bar and Smarties mini eggs. Then I also added some of those Galaxy Golden eggs just because I had some in my cupboard (which was amazing, as it meant I had not eaten them one evening in front of the TV!). 

The little chicks are not edible – just for decoration. 

And that is it, a simple enough to make cake that can be made into small nests quite easily off you prefer.However, I think a super sized, Giant Chocolate Easter Nest Cake has much more of a wow factor, and would be perfect served over Easter. It could of course be made afterwards to use up Easter egg chocolate too. 

Here is the recipe 

Giant Chocolate Easter Nest Cake
Serves: 10
  • 400g milk chocolate, melted
  • 400g of cereal of your choice
  • lots of mini eggs
  • 5 creme eggs, sliced in half
  • 100g white chocolate, melted
  1. melt the chocolate
  2. add the cereal and mix well
  3. pour into a 9 inch loose bottom cake tin, which has been lined with great proof paper, and pour the mixture in
  4. spread around , and then from the middle push the sides up so that there is a well in the centre
  5. tip in your mini eggs
  6. cover with foil and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours
  7. remove from the fridge, and drizzle white chocolate carefully around the top of the nest
  8. stick on your creme egg halves
  9. return, covered, to the fridge for at least 1 more hour
  10. serve and enjoy

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  1. Such a fun and easy cake to make! Perfect for long Easter break to keep little rascals busy! 🙂 x

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