NumNoms Inspired Pancakes #NumNomsPancakeDay

Pancake day is all about creating tasty flavour combinations, so these NumNoms Inspired Pancakes #NumNomsPancakeDay might give you some inspiration for Shrove Tuesday.

NumNoms Inspired Pancakes #NumNomsPancakeDay

We love pancakes in our house and I actually make therm quite regularly. Usually as a Sunday breakfast or a birthday treat. My boys are also big fans of NumNoms the food scented collectables, and therefore when we were asked to take part in a Pancake day challenge, we accepted eagerly. Here are our NumNoms Inspired Pancakes #NumNomsPancakeDay which might give you some inspiration for Shrove Tuesday.

We decided to make some sweet and some savoury pancakes for our challenge. First up is #teamsweet which were designed by Jenson and were based on Sara S’mores, Cotton Candy and Toasty Mallow. 

Basically we made pancakes and added some chocolate spread, mini mallows and sprinkles to the batter while they ere cooking,so that when the pancakes were cut open ,you would get a s’mores effect.  

We then decorated the pancake stack with raspberries, more mallows, chocolate, sprinkles and some candy floss (ask cotton candy),plus a party ring for some extra pazazz.

For our #teamsavoury recipe, we based our pizza on Margo Rita and made some pizza pancakes. These were Burton’s choice to make and I have to say they were delicious!

You make your pizza pancakes, you simply make your pancakes , I like to make them a little thicker but thinner ones will work too. Then add your normal pizza toppings. Burton added pepperoni to his whereas I topped mine with mushrooms and sweetcorn. Then you cook them in the oven for about 10 minutes. 


So who is the pancake champion?

I wouldn’t like say in front of the boys incase I hurt their feelings, but I think on this occasion, and between us,  I would probably go with #teamsavoury.  Who would you vote as the Mummy Mishaps  #numnomspancakechampion ?

We were sent a bundle of NumNoms and pancake making ingredients from the lovely people at NumNom Uk HQ to prepare our pancake day challenge. The creations are our own idea. 

Please see what other creations were made for the the Pancake day challenge by clicking on #NumNomsPancakeday and #NumNomspancakechampion on social media. 

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, a virtual cup of tea and slice of cake awaits you x

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