Getting Christmas All Wrapped Up


So yesterday we went and chose our Christmas trees – yes plural! We like to have a larger one in the lounge and a small one in the kitchen. I mean if you can’t be frivolous at this time of year, when can you be? Plus we like to choose trees with more ‘character’ and these tend to be much cheaper than the more ‘confident’ looking trees lol!
Burton got stuck right in and helped pull the trees through the netting machine

Then the best part happened once we were home, getting all of the decorations down from the loft, and getting the trees kitted out in their Christmas attire, and adding some festive ornaments and snow globes etc to the shelving.


I love it! I always play some festive tunes in the form of a TV music channel, and although the boys get a little guns ho with the decorations – it is such a special few hours and I LOVE every moment! Our tree is decorated with love and therefore it may not be as neat as some or decorated to perfection, but it is perfection to me and my boys, and *that* is all that matters. The tree is filled with memories, of Christmases past and present, full of decorations that have been bought over the last 6 years since I have been a Mummy, and it includes bought ones and homemade ones.


I let the boys decorate the tree in the kitchen on their own, and it was Jenson who did the majority of it himself – bless him!


So, now that the house is filled with twinkling lights and jolly festive decorations, it is time for me to start my present wrapping.


I was asked if I would like to review some personalised wrapping paper, and I thought that the boys’ grandparents would really like to see their Christmas gifts encased in unique paper that features the cheeky faces of their grandchildren! I found some photos from 3 years ago when I took some snaps of the boys dressed up and sat in our moving boxes, and I thought these would make ideal image for the wrapping paper



I think it looks lovely, really festive and fun and I know the boys are going to love seeing themselves when they help wrap up the gifts to all of their grandparents. It was very easy to make aswell, due to the photo uploader on the Zazzle site.


Finally, I have kind of harked back to the more traditional Christmas this year. I bought some glass ornaments for the tree this year, which remind me of the ones that my grandparents would have had on their tree when I was a child. I think the older I get the more I seem to want to look back at Christmases past, so this vintage style wrapping paper is just gorgeous and befitting of my mood this year. Filled with really traditional illustrations and wording, this paper will look amazing beneath anyones tree this yuletide.




Anyway, talking of wrapping paper, I had better crack on and get wrapping while I have no little people around the place!

I was asked to review some wrapping paper for the purpose of a review.

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