#GBBO Bloggers 2015 Round Up Week 3 : Bread

GBBO 2015 star baker week 3

So week 3 saw lots of delicious looking breads being linked up and thank you to each of you who took the time to bake, make and link up. There were 30 of you in total, and it really means a lot that so many of you join in each week and have some baking fun 🙂

In case you have forgotten, the 3 bread categories were:
quick bread
3D bread sculpture

Before I reveal this weeks Star bakers, please let me add Helen’s recipe which she was unable to link up because her blog had been hacked! Glad everything has been resolved now lovely x

Quick Bread
Wow! Sooo many lovely looking breads were entered and so many delicious flavours were used – it was hard to choose a favourite, I think the flavours of the mediterranean were the most popular. But I have never heard of making bread using chickpeas, well gram flour!,  which I find very intriguing, so thank you Hannah for that making it the perfect GF and DF bread.

 I loved the use of  beer in place of yeast to make a yummy cheese loaf, and adding carrot , (something I will try myself next time I make a soda bread), and a delicious looking honey and walnut soda bread which was a close runner up in the end. However, after seeing this scrumptious Parmesan, Sundried Tomato and Basil Soda bread first thing this morning my winning quick bread was chosen! Just look at the colour inside this bread – looks so yummy. Well done Andrea


Only 4 of you attempted the technical challenge this week, and you are all braver than me because as much as I love a bit of baguette, I was not brave enough to have a go myself at baking some! In the end, I decided to choose the bake which I felt best resembled a baguette, and this means than Anca from Cook Style is this weeks baguette Star baker


3D Bread Sculptures
Hmmm no entries LOL – what is won’t with you ??? So in place of this, I will choose a bread which included yeast, as the contestant son the GBBO show made breads in this round using yeast and a long prove. I LOVE the sound of making bread using marmite and cheese (yum!), but in the end I have gone for another love of mine – Nutella bread which is actually gluten free, but I don’t think it looks it at all – so well done Serena 🙂


Winners please contact me if you would like a Star Baker badge to display.

If you would like to enter the #GBBOBloggers2015 bake off, the rules are here and the new linky will be live Thursday morning at 9am. Week 4  is DESSERT week and the lovely Michelle  will be guest hosting.  You can also check back here to my blog after the show finishes on Wednesday, to see my baked cheesecake recipe 🙂

All the recipes from this and the last 2 years can be found on the pinterest board

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Happy baking x

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  1. Yay – Thanks so much for allowing me to still take part. Huge congratulations to Serena who I know will be delighted to have won Star Baker – aren’t we all a bunch of chickens not making massive Lion heads? x

  2. Well done ladies! Tough week for some who aren’t keen on bread baking! Ps the bread is made with gram flour just in case anyone is reading getting their tinned chickpeas out haha x

  3. hi Jenny, not sure if i am doing something wrong here, as i am new to blogging, but my bakes are not on the pinterest board, and if my maths is correct there were 5 of us that did baguettes; apologies if i am simply being a muppet! Thanks Andrea

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