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As a family, we kind of stumbled into LEGO last summer when we downloaded the Lego Movie to watch one day, and then at Burton’s birthday party last July he received so many Lego sets from his (generous) friends that he had no choice but to start building. 


His Daddy, a boy who grew up loving Lego, was only too pleased to guide Burton through his early Lego master building career and now almost a year later I have a house full of Lego (ok, slight exaggeration but there is a lot!) and 3 fans!!

As much as my three love to build with their Lego sets, there are so many  activties that you can do with Lego. From crafts to learning through play, to science and food fun the Lego possibilities are endless really . Here are a selection of some awesome Lego activties that I found to share with you.

How cool is this Pirate Ship – made from card and paint but ideal for those Lego  adventurous pirates


Burton adores Emmett from the Lego Movie and this Lego Egg Decorating idea would be brilliant fun for a fun breakfast or supper meal activity


This is very cool a Lego Magnetic Maze


And I know this Balloon Powered Car will be a big hit in my house


Perfect for pre schoolers Spelling With Lego is such a great idea to make learning more fun

lego spelling

Another simple craft that would bring lots of fun for children are these Lego Lolly Stick Bi-Planes


Perfect for finishing off a Lego birthday cake is this tutorial on how to make Edible Lego Silicone Mould Making


Lego Birthday Party Ideas is something I need for Burton’s party thus July


Ideal for all Lego fans is this Lego Lunch Box idea


This Lego Desk Organiser would make a great gift idea for a Lego Daddy fan


I know my two boys would love to be let lose with some DIY Lego Brick Printing on some tee shirts or shorts this summer. 



Lego really is awesome and as long as you have imagination the ways to use it are endless. Like Becky says

I love my children playing with lego because it can be creative and imaginative but it can also be scientific and mathematical. It absorbs them for hours and they can play it on their own quite happily.too. I love the storytelling that goes on when they play lego and also how they develop their skills in engineering and patience!

Do you have Lego fans in your house? What is their favourite way to play with it?

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Lego Activities

  1. What an amazing post – am especially loving the LEGO party ideas as I am having one of those. 6 LEGO fans in this house aged 6 to almost 37 so that is an awful lot of LEGO sets (and broken sets lol).

    Thank you for featuring some of my LEGO ideas.

  2. I love Lego and so does Mushroom. I may have something to do with cultivating that love (and the lego movie may also have helped)! Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing.

  3. Everything is awesome! Sorry, someone had to say it 🙂 thanks for the mention, can’t believe it was a year ago now.

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