Easter Bunny Tea

Easter Bunny Tea

Having spent this afternoon watching the film Hop, it set me in the mood to make the boys an Easter Bunny themed tea. Afterall, Easter is not all about chocolate eggs, although, they are delicious of course! Seeing as though it is the hopping, twitchy nosed, furry creature who is meant to deliver the Easter eggs to all the good boys and girls, why not celebrate his good deed and enjoy a tasty tea time treat in his honour.

To make this simple plateful of food you just need to do the following:

Easter Bunny Sandwich

Using a scone cutter cut out two rounds of bread, and fill with your choice of sandwich filling. With the left over bits of bread, make two ears and cover with same shaped pieces of ham and attach to your bunny face. Use two raisins as eyes, a third of a cocktail sausage as a nose, some strips of cucumber as whiskers and marmite or chocolate spread as the smile.

Bunny Tail

a babybel cheese

Bunny Droppings 

 a green paper case (for grass) filled with raisins or sultanas

Carrot Sticks

Burrow Sticks

a breadstick divided into 3

Easter Bunny Pop

a gingerbread bunny (could be homemade but I bought mine from Tesco)

Put it all together and what do you have?


a fun Easter themed tea time treat 🙂

and maybe some carrot cake for Mummy!!


 Happy Easter 🙂

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