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When we moved to this house almost two years ago now, we did not have any storage furniture to bring with us because at our previous abode, being much smaller and recently rennovated, we kept it very minimal with some carefully positioned built in storage cupboards. One of the reasons we moved was because after having Jenson, we soon realised that we were beginning to outgrow our home, and, as beautiful as it was, it was time to move to a larger property with more space and more places to store all of our stuff.

However, this means that despite having a larger home now, we only have some built in furniture in a few rooms which we inherited from the previous home owners. The boys have a built in wardrobe with some shelving in their bedroom – which they prefer to hide in rather than keep clothes and toys inside!! In one of the spare bedrooms, formerly our bedroom until we moved in the summer into what was going to be the OH’s ‘games’ room (but less said about that the better lol!), there is a huge built in storage space with 2 double wardrobes, some cupboards and a dressing table. However, as much as it is useful and it does hold all of our clothes, it is very dated and falling apart and I long for something more contemporary and more in keeping with my taste!!! I mean pink walls, white carpet and 80’s style built in wardrobes is soooooooooo not what I would choose to have!

When it comes to fitted bedroom wardrobes I think something like this set up would be amazing, and we certainly have the space for it. We do not have a TV in our room currently – we used to before we had children but that was in the days when I could laze in bed on a Sunday and watch TV in peace!!  However, I am sure I would agree to one if my storage could look this nice!


I love the fact that this built in wardrobe looks so modern but also that once the doors are closed, it looks like just a wall space with a TV on!


I also really like the sliding doors, and the fact that there are no handles on display, tempting things for the boys to twiddle with! Yes! I can just see this in my room filled with all my things!! Well when I say all my things………. I have learnt that I can never have enough storage because I always seem to have enough to fill it up and no room to spare! The great thing about built in furniture nowadays, is that it can be hidden away from sight and can be made to suit your own taste and decor requirements. And, lets face it, it beats building storage from flat pack I am RUBBISH at flat pack assembly!

Now, that is the bedroom sorted what about our lounge …….that is also in dire need of some new storage and I do quite like the look of this. It would hold so many things, while looking stylish too.


Hmmm I guess we have a lot of saving up to do in the meantime then!!

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