Cheap Christmas Gifts

So it is 49 days until Christmas !!!

Is that good or bad news for you? I think it is not too bad, and still seems like long enough. However I am well aware that before I know it it will be Christmas Eve and all of the presents will be under the tree or in stockings, and all that it left is to wait until the following day to hope that the recipients of my gifts will be pleased with them.


I have already started my Christmas shopping – I actually started back in September which for me is pretty organised. I just figured it would be better to make a start so as to spread out my spending, and pick up any special offers as I saw them. I know that if you are a man super organised and can do all of your gift shopping on Christmas Eve you can get some real bargains and make some superb savings, but I just could not do that. Maybe if I didn’t have to plan, prep and cook Christmas Dinner and could spend the day just buying presents then maybe…….. But what if I could not find all that I was looking for on that day? I think it would be too stressful to be honest!

No, I much prefer being able to take my time and browse the internet and the shops at a more leisurely pace. There are so many ways to save money online and get yourself some great bargains and therefore buy some cheap Christmas gifts, and cheap Christmas wrapping paper. You can never have enough festive gift wrap!!

Having two boys who enjoy arts and crafts and reading, I am often searching for things they can have fun with at home, and I love it when I can purchase them so cheaply.  The Works offers a huge array of products from arts and crafts to a wide range of toys, games, stationary and books! I have already spotted some Frozen goodies for a friend of Burton’s, a Mister Maker art set for Jenson and a great Mr Men book library set for Burton, and these were all found easily and without even searching the entire site! I am sure I will find some more ideas for the boy’s cousins too.

So actually, with those couple of extra gifts sorted,and just some pajamas to buy, I think Burton and Jenson ‘s Christmas presents are all done!! Yaaaay  *does a happy dance*. Now it is just everyone else I need to concentrate on and shop for. Hmmmmm I wonder who else in the family might like some Frozen, Mr Men or Mister Maker gifts……….. !!


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  1. haha! I love if you are a man line 😉
    We’ve started Christmas shopping too. Just little bits for the boys. I love The Works too, such a fab place to get presents for children x

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