Time Travel With IKEA

I have often wondered about time travel after seeing films like Back to the Future and Donnie Darko, and asked myself if I would like to see my future. I mean would seeing my future self and life fill me with delight or dread? What if something awful happened, would I want to know about it? I would happily go back in time , but I am not so sure about travelling forward in time to see the future me and the life I am leading then. Mind you, maybe popping into the future to see the winning lottery numbers would not be a bad idea!

I asked some blogger friends of mine

If you could hop in a time machine, to see your future, how far would you go/what would you like to see?

Here are their answers:

I’d love to see the birth of my first grandchild, to see my family heading into the next generation

Does it make me sound really superficial if I said I would consider having a quick look at this weekend’s lottery

I’d just like to see how I am doing in a year. Have Amy and I adapted to the changes in our lives, are we happy?

I really wouldn’t want to – it’s not always about where you end up, it’s also about the journey you take. I think it could be quite scary!

I’m not sure I would want to be honest

I’d hop to Christmas and see if I survive the first term working full time. Also take a sneaky peak at my Christmas present.

I think I would like to see where my oldest son is in 5 years time, so I can see if he’s happy, and maybe steer him a bit more at this crucial point in his life if he’s not

Thank you ladies.

I find it fascianting how our priorities change once we become parents, I mean if you had asked me during my early 20’s the same question that I asked my fellow bloggers, I may have said I wanted to see if I would be married, be a manager at the job I had, see if I had children, discover if I would still be with the same boyfriend, would i own my own house etc…. Now if I was asked that question, it would be maybe 25 years to see if my boys had made me a grandma , and to see what they looked like as grown men.

IKEA have found a way to experience travelling through time, with the help of  world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz . In the experiment, a consenting young couple are hypnotised and then they are transported to their furture where they face their (imaginary) daughter’s 6th birthday and a strange meeting of her boyfriend several years later.  IKEA wanted Tranz to highlight life changing events that shape how we  live and our everyday lives, and lets face it becoming parents is one of the biggest changes and challenges we encounter in life.

This film was made to co-incide with the launch of the new IKEA catalogue, to show how the brand has paid special attention in particlaur to their bedroom and bathroom designs. This is because IKEA believe that if everyone can begin and end their days in environments that complement them , then this will enable their everyday to be much better.

“With the new IKEA catalogue we want to inspire people to
look at their home in new ways, especially the bedroom and
bathroom – where the everyday begins and ends”,

Johan Wickmark, catalogue manager at IKEA.



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