1. Clare @asmilebypost

    Fab willie wonka style cake! I like it. There’s only one way to #freethejoy – it’ll have to be a totally indulgent yet calorie free chocfest!

  2. Mmmmmm….. chocolate cake.I’m yet to try a Pinata cake, perhaps I can try one for my birthday.

  3. Mark pitchers

    Old Jamaica Eton mess, chocolate meringue, rum flavoured cream rum soak raisers, and broken bits of Cadburys old Jamaica bar

  4. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    Wow I love your cake – my childrens eyes would pop out of their heads if they opened that up on their birthdays 🙂 I would love to make donuts with hidden sweets inside the jam x

  5. Lorraine Tinsley

    The cake looks amazing, shame my silly husband doesn’t eat chocolate cake…. hmm more for me!!! I think I’ll make cupcake versions so a bit like fairy cakes with the middle scooped out

  6. Rachel J

    Crazy idea for a cake! I love it. 🙂

    If I could I would make magic pop cakes like the ones in Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree but instead honey (which is okay but way too sickly for me) I would have them bursting with the warm flowing chocolate they give you at Cadbury World #freethejoy #heaven.

  7. That looks blooming’ gorgeous. It’s my birthday next week so I’m wondering if I can print this out and leave it somewhere for my husband to find it… 😉

  8. Gemma Williams

    I don’t know the theme but this has inspired me to make a sponge with crunchy through it mmm honeycomb crunch / don’t know if it will work

  9. dawn hales

    a train cake made from cadburys choc rolls, finger biscuits and chocolate covered biscuits for wheels

  10. emmav6

    my son would love a thomas the tank chocolate cake with carridges full of sweeties 🙂

  11. sandra rubery

    I love the little pot of chocolate that they give you when you go. I love to do that to a dairy milk at home

  12. Wow stunning cake Jenny and gorgeous pics, LOVELY. Popping candy ACE! Hmmm not sure I can top that at all. I generally make a choc cake and let my kids loose with a bag of chocs and sweets. The new Cadbury range would be marvellous for that!

  13. maz watson

    a massive chocolate cake with as many different cadbury chocolates as possible #freethejoy

  14. Cat Culmer

    Your cake is amazing!
    I’d create something with the banana and caramel crisp marvellous creations. I’m obsessed

  15. I’d have a Cadbury’s Twirl cake with Twirls on top and in the middle would be mini chocolate flakes – mmmmm #freethejoy but sadly #backonthediet

  16. Lynn Blakeman

    Anything that involves Cadbury Crunchie would give me that Friday feeling every day and would certainly #freethejoy

  17. Good heavens, Jenny! That looks incredible. I’m hoping to make my first Piñata cake this week for 12yo’s birthday. Here Goes! Thanks again for joining in with #Bakeoftheweek x

  18. Angie Poulding

    #freethejoy I’d try and make something that resembled Batman for my five year old boy.

  19. Suzanne Howell

    Wow, love your cake, what a great idea. I would perhaps make a three tier cake; one each of dark, milk and white chocolate – something then for everyone.

  20. Claire Appleton

    I would also make a cake with lots of chocolate indulgences 🙂 #freethejoy

  21. sam bailey

    I have to be a soppy cow here, id make a chocolate cheesecake, in the shape of a heart, with strawberries on the top and lashing of chocolate everywhere else 😉

  22. Tina Hector

    oh my!! i dont think this is syn free on slimming world!!!! oh well bang goes the diet!!

  23. Sarah Ballantyne

    Fantastic cake! My kids love strawberries and raspberries so I’d love to make a cake similar to your stuffed with berries.

  24. natalie holland

    That cake looks incredible. I’d attempt to make a cadbury’s chocolate mousse cake yum

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