1. Looks yummy, my hubs loves christmas pudding. My mother in law posted one to Holland last christmas. I don’t think it will clear customs in Dubai somehow

  2. I’m just so rubbish at trusting anything that has eggs in it to last more than a few days; therefore I’ll make our Christmas cake and pudding a few days beforehand. This horrifies many, but I’d hate to find a mouldy or salmonella-ladened cake on Christmas day; it’s just me and my foibles!

    Looks like such a fabulous activity to do together as a family, when you say a coin, is it a real one or a chocolate coin wrapped in foil?

  3. I had no idea there was a Stir-Up Sunday either! Looks like a lot of fun, unfortunately I don’t like Christmas pudding so I have never made it but it looks like a great tradition for you and your boys, I particularity like that they get to add the coins into the mixture! I love the smell of them cooking when my Mother-in-Law makes them, just not the finished product đŸ™‚ xx

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