1. Oh gosh those look scrummy. I’m wanting to lick my phone screen…lovely styling Mrs. Weighing up whether I am brave enough to Opera or stay safe with Choux! Watch this space. I am sooooo going to miss GBBO! :*(

    Karin xx

    • thank you they were very tasty and i ate a lot for my tea that night!!! An Opera cake would be amazing but then your choux buns were fabulous 😉 x x

  2. they look lovely – I’m really addicted to the choux without the fillings…they are so nice on their own! maybe nice with a dip…mmmm

  3. Kirsty - Hijacked by Twins

    Ooooh they sound so yummy!! All linked up, pictures are not great but I can guarantee that they taste lovely 🙂 I need to practise my picture taking! x

  4. Unfortunately this week I can not say they look delicious because mushrooms and I are not friends. But I’m sure they’re delicious if you like mushrooms, no offence to your fine baking skills! Please, please, I beg do not carry on with the link. I will have to continue because I am loving it so much but if I do I fear I’ll need a new, larger, wardrobe by the new year! x

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