How To Make A Homemade Play Dough Play Set

The boys went to a birthday party a few weeks ago, and I was trying to think of a present which was (hopefully) useful, fun and a bit different for them to give to the birthday boy. Not being terribly arty or crafty, I decided to make a homemade gift and hoped that my efforts would be good enough to make a worthy birthday present. 
I made some homemade play dough and bought some bits and bobs that I know my two boys enjoy using when they have their play dough out,  to create a play dough play set which I placed inside a plastic kilner jar. 
Here is what I used
What You Need:
I plastic kilner jar
homemade playdough (I added glitter to make glitter playdough)
8 drinking straws
4 silicone cupcake cases
1 pair of scissors
2 discs of grease proof paper
4 wooden lollipop sticks
1 spatula
1 cookie cutter
various ‘bits and bobs’
sea shells, googly eyes, pom poms, foil shapes, plastic flowers and jewels and pipe cleaners
1 piece of ribbon
piece of card to make a gift tag
Then simply put a disc of grease proof paper at the bottom of the kilner jar
wrap the scissors, straws, lollipop sticks, cake cases, cookie cutter and spatula in some cellophane/clingfilm and place inside long ways up
add the playdough to sit next to the accessories
put the second grease proof paper disc on top of the playdough
fill each cake case with the ‘bits and bobs’ and place the 4 filled cake cases on top of the playdough
close the lid and add your gift tag
That’s it – a homemade gift for any playdough fan, to use their imagination and to get creative with 

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Thank you xx

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  1. How odd. I commented on this from my phone on the day you published it! This is such a great idea, and would definitely make a perfect gift x

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