Peppermint & White Chocolate Christmas Cake

I do like eating Christmas Cake, and by that I mean the traditional one made with fruit and topped with marzipan and fondant icing, but it is not something I often buy or make mainly because not many people in my family enjoy eating it. I have fond memories of my Nanny making one every Christmas when I was a child, and she would top it with tiny christmas trees, a snowman, sleigh and Father Christmas, and she would fork up her icing to make it look textured and like snow. However, she would always make one which was too big and would have to freeze most of it shortly after Christmas each year!

I wanted to make a Christmas Cake that used some elements of a more traditonal cake while embracing some newer ones. I wanted to incorporate some peppermint and white chocolate into the sponge and buttercream and I wanted the sponge to look festive too. Having seen some cakes on pinterest which contained multi coloured cake pops, I wanted to try and insert some burst of green and red into each sponge, which would have worked more successfuly had I used better, more intense food colouring. However, hopefully you can see what I was attempting to do! I made the red and green swirly cake pops using a peppermint flavoured cake batter, and the sponges were made using some white chocolate spread, and the buttercream was white chocolate flavoured with some crushed peppermint candy canes mixed through it. It was delicious and I covered it with fondant – not my strong point as I do not use it very often so I used a very simple design and thought it did not look toooo bad for me at least!

So here is my Peppermint & White Chocolate Christmas Cakepmintcaketree1badge

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