Disney’s Frozen Inspired Sandwiches

Disney’s Frozen Inspired Sandwiches

Ever since I took the boys to see Disney’s Frozen at the cinema last December, we have all been big fans of the film.  Whenever we watch the film at home we all sing long to the songs and the boys love to stand up and dance along too – very entertaining as I am sure you can imagine. Seeing as I have two sons and not a couple – or even one – daughter I figure that I will probably never throw a Frozen themed birthday party, so I thought that the next best thing would be to have a Frozen tea party.  Then I was asked by Kingsmill if I would be interested in taking in their Great White Challenge using their Great White sliced loaf, I accepted as it gave me the perfect opportunity to indulge in my Frozen food making ideas.

So last weekend I treated the boys to several Disney  Frozen inspired sandwiches using the Kingsmill bread, and they went down very well with Burton and Jenson and here is what I made.


The Love Is An Open Door Sandwich
Or maybe it should be The Love Is An Open Doooooooooooor Sandwich!
Take a slice of bread, cut it in half and spread it with white chocolate spread (or maybe some cream cheese)
add a door knob (I used a blueberry)
some magic love sprinkles (hundreds and thousands)
draw a line around the perimeter (I used chocolate flavoured icing)
cut some strawberries in half to represent love hearts and add some marshmallows for that added sweet touch.

elsa crowns

Elsa’s Coronation Chicken Crowns (with ICE-burg lettuce)
Eat them fast before they get frozen!
Use a large muffin tin and grease the holes with some butter
Take a slice of bread and carefully place it into the cavity to make a basket aka a crown
Cook in the oven (190oC/ 170oC (fan)) for about 10 minutes until golden brown
Remove and allow to cool
Fill with iceburg lettuce and top with coronation chicken
**could serve with Olaf Noses and Snowy trees (carrots and cauliflower)


The Love Eggspert Sandwich
For when you need a fixer-upper
Take 2 slices of bread and cut into a heartshape with a heart shaped cookie cutter
I filled ours with cream cheese and ham
Place some iceburg lettuce on a plate and add the sandwich on top
Grate some cucumber and place on top of the sandwich
Place half a hard boiled egg on top (this is a troll when it is a rock!!)
Then add some Troll like items aroudn the sandwich – I added some trees (broccoli), a mushroom (trolls can grow this you know!), mini heart shaped babybel cheeses and some red crystals (tomberries)


The Sven Sandwich
No rein just snow deer!
Make a sandwich – I used marmite for this one (Burton’s favourite sandwich filling)
Use a large heart cookie cutter and cut out a heart
Add 2 pretzels for antlers
Add a raspberry for a nose and two raisins for eyes
Add some carrot sticks and blueberries to decorate your plate and I also added some cup cake snowflakes toppers because Sven does like licking snowflakes!

The Do You Wanna Build A Snowman Sandwich
Eat this to finally do what sandwiches do in summer!
I filled these sandwiches with chocolate spread and sliced banana
You need to cut a large and small circle and a square from your sandwich
Arrange on a plate as per my photo
Add 2 mini marshmallows for the legs and his tooth
Add some raisins for the buttons and eyes
Add 2 Mikado chocolate biscuit thins to make the arms and by cutting a small piece of each you can make his hair strands too
Finally add a little of the chocolate spread to make his mouth and a tiny piece of carrot for his nose
Put him on a plate and he will be a happy snowman sandwich 🙂


I also made the boys a mock frozen Arendelle lake by freezing some plastic trees, flowers and a boat etc.. in a tub of water. The boys loved touching it with their fingers and toes and Jenson even licked it! – strange boy, but then Sven gets his tongue stuck on the staircase leading up to Elas’s ice castle so I guess he is copying him! They also chipped at it with their toy hammers! Great fun and so easy to do too.

frozeniceblockMaking Frozen themed sandwiches was a lot of fun and Burton and Jenson loved seeing what I made them over the weekend. Making food fun is always a good way to get children interested in what is on their plates and hopefully eat what is put before them too.

frozensandwichideas Collage

Perfect for when you need to finish each other’s sandwiches 🙂

I used Kingsmill Great White to make the sandwiches featured in this post
which is a new white loaf which looks and feels soft as your normal white loaf, but it has the same amount of fibre as wholemeal. It tastes just like a regular white loaf too so if your family prefer white to wholemeal, this will be a great addition to your bread tin! Look out for it at a supermarket near you.

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. and there is even an online fun sandwich lunch idea book to give you some more inspiration.

I was sent money to buy ingredients used to make my sandwich creations for the purpose of the Kingsmill Great White Challenge. My ideas are my own.