Which Watch?

Which Watch?

I can still remember being given my first ever watch – it was back in the 1980’s when I was probably about 8 or 9 and it was a Casio with a black leather strap and in fact I *think* I still have it in its box up in the loft somewhere! I loved wearing my watch on my wrist to school and thought I was really grown up!! Of course by the time I reached my teens that watch was a bit ‘old hat’ and I wanted a more funky and fashionable watch to wear , so the next one I had was a Swatch one and I think I had two actually as it was good to swap them about depending on my mood. Or maybe it was one which had interchangeable straps. You must excuse my lack of memory – it was a few years ago now!! The last watch I owned was given to me by an ex boyfriend a beautiful Storm watch with a red clock face and silver straps – I really liked that one it was really tasetful and went with everything I wore . In fact the watch lasted longer than the boyfriend did!

I do not wear a watch now – in fact I would say that the last time I wore one (the above mentioned Storm watch) was before I bought my cafe back in 2004 – 10 years ago! Goodness that is a long time to not have a watch!! I think the problem is that while I worked in the cafe I did not wear one due to all the cooking and washing up I did, and then I fell pregnant and became a SAHM and timings go out of the window then and if I need to know the time I can look at the clock on my oven, on the wall of my lounge or my mobile phone.

Nowadays, I think I would now actually like to have a watch again because not only would it save me having to dig my mobile out of my bag everytime I need to know the time when I am out and about, but I think a watch can add a touch of glamour and look attractive – and I need all the help I can get on that one *ahem*!! I have no idea what brand or style  would suit me or my wrist as I have been out of the watch wearing loop for so long now. However, luckily for me I stumbled across The Watch Hut a brilliant on line store which features a huuuuge array of watches for ladies and gentlemen. I actually did not realise how many watch brands there were – did you?  I have spent ages browsing their site to see what type of watch I might like to own and I think I have narrowed it down to something like this one, from Storm


What do you think?


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