Guinness And Baileys Chocolate Cake

For some time I have wanted to make a chocolate and Guinness cake and last weekend as In was going to my Mum’s for lunch, and had some to use up I thought I would have a go at creating one. I also had a 60ml miniature bottle of Baileys staring at me on the kitchen window sill, so I thought a Baileys and chocolate cream cheese topping (inspired by Helen’s chocolate icing) and filling would complement it perfectly.
Here is my recipe for a Guinness and Baileys Chocolate Cake
Serves 10-12


200g unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
175g self raising flour
25g cocoa powder
4 eggs
100ml Guinness

60ml Baileys
200g chocolate spread (I used milk chocolate)
200g full fat cream cheese

Grease and line 2 x 7inch sponge baking tins
Pre heat oven to 180oC / 160oC (fan)
Beat the sugar and butter until pale and creamy
Add the half the eggs and half the flour and cocoa powder and carefully mix to combine
Then repeat 
Add the Guinness and lightly fold in using a metal spoon – the cake batter will go ever so light and expand inside the mixing bowl!
Divide the batter between the two tins and cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes until cooked through
Leave to cool thoroughly

Meanwhile make your Baileys chocolate topping
Beat the cream cheese and chocolate spread until combined and creamy and then add the Baileys and mix in well

When you cake sponge has cooled, sandwich them together using some of the Baileys chocolate topping and then cover all of the outer sponges with it – top and the sides

This was a lovely cake – moist and not too rich. Although you could really taste the Baileys, neither myself or my tastees detected the Guinness at all.

This is a cake more for adults than children owing to the boozy chocolate icing – not too rich or sweet either. Quick and easy to make – perfect for those grown up / kid free treat moments

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Baileys and Malteser Ice Cream

For anyone who watched the recent series of Nigellissma, they would have seen her make coffee ice cream. Well the boy’s Granma and her neighbour have been making this ice cream and I have to say it is delicious and yet sooooo easy and simple to make.  They have been adding different flavours and each one has been yummy!
So not to be left out, I used the basics to make the actual ice cream, and then simply added my own choice of ingredients – Baileys and Maltesers (yes, another recipe incorporating Maltesers!).
Let me show you how to make the easiest ice cream that packs a punch of flavour!
Baileys And Malteser Ice Cream
Serves 8
(makes 1 litre)
You Will Need
1/2 tin of condensed milk (175g)
300ml double cream
60ml Baileys Irish Cream
1 extra large grab bag Maltesers
Whip the cream, condensed milk and Baileys in a large bowl until soft peaks form
Set aside about 30 Maltesers
Then placing the bag on a tea towel, and sealing it bash with a rolling pin to roughly smash the chocolate
Take a 1 litre tub which is suitable for the freezer and line it with grease proof paper or cling film and scatter some crushed maltesers along the bottom
Then leaving about a handful in the bag, tip the rest of the crushed maltesers into the creamy mixture and stir through
Then add the ice cream mix to the tub on top of the scattered chocolate and smooth over to make the top even. 
Then decorate with the whole Maltesers (there may even be one or two that find their way to your mouth *ahem*) and scatter some more crushed ones over the top.
Place your lid on top and put in the freezer overnight (at least 6 hours)
And that is that!! No stirring/churning required 🙂
Then either serve it as a complete dessert by carefully removing it
 and dish up and enjoy your Baileys & Malteser Ice Cream in a slice
or if you want to save it all for yourself, then simply cut off and slice and return the rest to the freezer
mmmmm deeeeelicious!
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