Pabobo Lumilove Penguin

The lovely people at Pabobo approached me a while ago to test one of their luminous creations – well when I say me I of course mean Burton *ahem*.

Pabobo is a company based in Paris which specialises in designing and marketing a gorgeous range of lights especially for little ones. All of the luminous creations which are made by Pabobo are designed to be touched and handled by children.

As some of you who follow my blog may know, Burton has a best friend which is a Penguin cuddly toy called ‘Penguin’. So when I – well Burton!- was offered the chance to try their Lumilove Penguin how could I resist!

As soon as I opened the parcel Burton spied the Penguin on the front of the box and could not wait for me to open it and show him its contents.

The Lumilove Penguin comes in two colours pink and blue. We were sent the blue one and I set about charging it up straight away. This is very easy to do as you just sit it on its base and plug it in to charge, and the base means that thee is no direct electrical contact while it is charging. Once fully charged it comes of its base and can be handled by little hands immediately.

It does not feel hot to touch once fully charged due to its small, cold LED’s. These products are completely safe for children and have been EC – certified for use from birth infact! The Lumilove Penguin lasts for up to 11 hours when fully charged and the electrolumiscent diode (LED) is very eco friendly wih its very long life span of up to 100,000 hours! (Based on beng used for 11 hours each night)

Burton doesn’t actually use a night light as he goes to sleep whether the hall light is on or not, although whether or not this will change as he gets older we will see. However, I can see how useful the Lumilove Penguin would be for children who struggle to get to sleep in the dark because the light it omits is very comforting, and the cute Penguin would easily become a bedtime friend. I would also think it could be useful when children are potty training at night as the light could help them find their way to wherever their potty or the bathroom is in the dark maybe?

Here is the Lumilove Penguin sat in Burton’s room, it does show up very well in the dark doesn’t it?

I have found it useful checking on Burton in the night as it saves having to put the hall light on to check him in his cot, as the light it produces is excellent. Its like a Penguin torch for us parents!

Pabobo does a wide range of night light products which are beautifully made and would make a wonderful gift for any child.

I would definitely recommend this product. Check out the Pabobo website here for their full range of children’s nightlights.

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