The Gallery – Creature Comforts (ahem!)

This weeks theme over at the brilliant Sticky Fingers is Creatures.

I was lucky enough to go on a safari trip to Kenya a few years ago, which was an amazing experience and one that I would love to do again one day.

The photos I have selected are a bit rude (so turn away now if you are a Mary Whitehouse type lol!) but I think show striking parallels between the animal world and mankind.

Note how the lioness was just sat here minding her own – probably thinking about what she has to get for dinner!

It lasted all of 1 minute (sound familiar? ha ha!) oh and then surprise surprise he gets off her and goes straight to sleep!!

I wonder if she is thinking “so is that it?”

Men, it appears, are all the same whatever their species!! 🙂
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Fathers Day Outing

So yesterday was Fathers Day, the first for Burton’s daddy and the 36th for mine! We all spent the day together yesterday and went out for a little boat ride along the river Torridge in the afternoon along with Jon’s dad too (well it is his boat!). We launched from Appledore and sailed for an hour which was good timing as Burton had decided he was ready to disembark by then!

It was the first time since being born that Burton had been on a boat (his last trip was 4 days before he was born!), and we bought him his very own life jacket which was a little too big really and he did complain about having to have it on! Here he is wearing it:

I dont think there was any need to make that gesture at me even if he was fed up wearing it lol! I had to bribe him with little biscuits for a lot of the journey!

When we first got on Burton seemed more interested in his book then looking at the scenery!

My dad enjoyed his boat trip. He got on to the boat wearing a hat but within 1 minute it flew off into the water ! Luckily his daughter risked her hand and managed to rescue it from the grips of the motor propellor! I then had to rub suntan lotion into his *ahem* delicate head patch lol never had to do that before!

Burton had a go at sailing the boat which he seemed to enjoy as he bounced up and down in an excited manner!

I made sure everyone else was well protected with suntan lotion and then forgot to do my back and shoulders so I have a lovely set off strap marks now! Here I am with my sailer boy (and biscuit bribes!)

It was wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon and once we got back to shore we all had a delicious locally made ice cream. Burton sampled some and his face was a picture- a mixture of delight and confusion at the ice cream sensation in his mouth! I have no photo of this as I was not able to hold my dripping cornet, Burton and my phone!

All in all a good fathers day was had by all!

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Fathers Day Carnival – Happy Daddy’s Day

The wonderfully creative Snafflesmummy has created a Fathers Day Carnival so I thought I would add a post as I have not participated in a carnival before!
I wish my own Dad a Happy Fathers Day of course and my Step Dad, but I dedicate this entry to my son’s daddy as it is his first Fathers Day this year.

Dear Daddy,
From the moment you first took my hand
I sensed your love for me

The first time you held me in your big strong arms
The bond between a father and son began

You say when you look at me it’s like looking in a mirror
I look at you, and see my Daddy, the man I will become

You (and Penguin) are my best friend
I hope that will never change

I love you, Daddy
I always will xxx

Happy Daddy‘s Day
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Fun at the Farm Park

A few miles from where I live is the North Devon Farm Park. It is not the best tourist attraction I have ever been to, but because you can feed the animals and touch them and get close to them, I thought it would be great to take Burton there.
I have paid for a years membership so now all my visits are free and a bag of food costs just 50p so I feel it is a couple of hours well spent for not a lot of money. As Burton gets bigger our visits may get longer as he will be able to use the adventure playground outside, which unfortunately does not have baby swings. However, there is an indoor soft play area complete with a ball pit, so that amuses him for a while.
Let me introduce you to some of the animals we met:
3 little pigs – not sure of the breed (something I feel the park needs are signs telling you what animals you are looking at!) but they have wiry hair and are quite friendly.

This is Harriet the goat. She lost her kid last winter in the snow so she has adopted that sheep (since it was a lamb) in the same pen. Children who visit the park can have a go at milking her in the morning – something which I know Burton would love to do but he is too small to squeeze it out of her!

Then we saw some baa baa black and white sheep with little lambs – aaaaaah!

Burton enjoyed watching these and kept saying aaaaah to them!

He got quite excited!

However, he wanted to eat their food pellets and was most put out when I said “no”

There are a couple of lamas here too and one of them looks like it has an afro hairstyle lol

The Billy goat gruffs were quite rough and boisterous

There are more livestock than this but this gives you an idea.
The park has recently been taken over by new owners, so I am hoping that it will offer a bit more going forward, because if I had to pay £7.50 each visit I probably would not go that often.
But all in all it was a good way to pass a couple of hours!
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The Gallery – Motherhood

Motherhood is the theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers this week and what an emotional topic that is (well for me at least!)
There are so many photos that I could use here to explain what motherhood means to me, but I don’t think you want to see pages and pages of photos! I have loved every minute of motherhood so far, and I have found the whole experience very overwhelming at times. I feel extremely privileged to have helped create a new life and be able to watch it develop every day.
Motherhood, for me, is the best thing I have ever done and as you can tell I could waffle on about it for ever, probably!! Even writing this makes me tearful – what a silly Mummy I am lol!
Anyway, I don’t have a photo of me crying (which would probably help sum up motherhood for me!), but after looking through all the photos of my motherhood to date, I stumbled across this one which which was taken when Burton was about 6 weeks old.
It was taken in Burton’s bedroom. He was still sleeping in a moses basket in our bedroom at the time,but I would always feed him in his room because of the very comfortable nursing chair.
This image portrays me during the early stages of motherhood when I was still trying to find my way through the haze of sleepless nights! Notice the baby book on the stool which I occasionally read in the early days, just to reassure myself that I was doing ok and what I was going through was “normal”. Around me are the gifts we were given when Burton was born- the cuddly toys and the photo frames and story books. Note the open drawer behind me with the muslin sheets in ready to grab if one was needed. A glimpse of his cot – not yet used but ready for the day he would spend his first night in there. Me breast feeding which, back then, I was doing every 2 hours! Complete with a glimpse of a breast pad sticking out of my nursing bra!
Now that Burton is 11 months old being a Mummy means getting rewarded with beautiful fun moments like this
when his gorgeous smile melts my heart! Thank goodness for digital photos because I will always have special reminders of my motherhood forever 🙂
Thanks to Tara for such a brilliant prompt this week: such a great way to celebrate motherhood!
I am looking forward to seeing what motherhood means to everyone else in this weeks Gallery- I have my tissues at the ready!
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