The Gallery : Bee-ing still in life

This weeks theme in The Gallery over at the yummy cupcake(mmmm i want one please!) picture taking Sticky Fingers, is Still Life.
I took these photos last summer at my boyfriends parents garden, during a brief Burton nap break one sunny Sunday afternoon.
I love sunflowers: to me they seem such happy flowers and epitomise summer with their radiant golden colours. Bees are such busy little things, and to capture one taking it easy for a moment to savour the sweet sunflower nectar was great to watch and capture through my lens.

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Mini Mobile Me

Yesterday the OH and I had a discussion regarding when it was acceptable for children, in particular our child, to be allowed a mobile phone. Now I appreciate that not yet being 11 months old, we have some years yet until this debate becomes a reality……..or do we?

Now I hope I do not offend any parents here who allow their youngsters their own mobile phone, I am sure they have valid reasons for letting them have one. However, I just do not see why children – certainly those who are not yet teenagers – should have a mobile phone. Who on earth do they need to phone or text during the day? They are with their friends while they are at school, and once they are home they probably have access to a land line, telephone or a computer to communicate with.

I know that parents I have spoken to regarding this subject, who allow their kids a mobile phone, argue that they can find out where their children are when they are out their friends and they are contactable at all times. It makes the parents feel their kids are safer because they can be contacted and vice versa.

Well, call me old fashioned but when I was a child (and yes I know mobiles were only used by the yuppies back then!) I told my parents where I was going, and if I was going to a friends house I had to leave a contact number. If I needed to get hold of one of my parents I used a pay phone or asked the friends mum or dad if could use their telephone. Obviously, if I was at school I was allowed to use the office phone with permission, or there was a pay phone. Or failing that, I had to return home and tell them in person. Why have all these forms of communication been replaced with being given a mobile phone? It’s just easier, I know, then having to go and look for an alternative solution.

By the time Burton is of primary school age goodness knows what the ‘in thing’ to have then will be – probably an iPad!! My OH (a self confessed gadget geek!) believes that if all of Burton’s peers have a mobile phone (or the equivalent by then!) then he should too so that he fits in socially and wont feel left out. Of course I don’t want Burton to feel excluded, but I also don’t want him to have everything his friends have or grow up too fast

I know I have to accept that times change and I need to accept and move with them, but if kids are given adult accessories and gadgets so young, what is there for them to look forward to when they are older? Why does childhood have to end so early now? I think it is a shame.

I guess I do need to learn to embrace change more, but hopefully not at the expense of Burton’s childhood. No doubt fast forward 9 years and he will have his own up to the minute gadgets after all!!

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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Sleep is for the weak!

What is it with my OH that he can just fall asleep anywhere and within about 1 minute of closing his eyes? Even as I sit here writing this, he is sat at the other end of the sofa fast asleep, and, maybe even more annoying, snoring!!! Grrrrr!

Not only that, he is not the one who gets up in the night to see to Burton if he wakes up, or gets woken up early in the morning by him and then has to get up and start their day. Yet the OH usually dozes on the sofa in the evenings and at the weekend usually grabs forty winks in the afternoons! Whereas even though I am shattered pretty much everyday I don’t get naps. Don’t get me wrong, I know he works hard at his job 5 days a week and it is fairly stressful but my job is 24/7!!!

You may be thinking well more fool you, as you could while Burton has his afternoon sleep. But you see when he naps I like to get some jobs done like cleaning, prepping meals or sometimes just sit down with a cuppa and tweet for a bit. Even in the first few weeks of having Burton, despite being told to get some sleep when he did during the day, I found I was not able to relax enough, even though I was very tired from having to feed every 2 hours day and night, to actually sleep and again I got jobs done instead. However, someone still managed to get some zzzzz’s in during Burton’s first week at home!

I remember that after giving birth to Burton, having been awake for more than 48 hours by the time we got taken up to the ward, I could not sleep while I waited for the doctor to come and check him before we could leave. However, who do you think did mange to get some kip? I know he been awake all night but not for as long as me!! Here is the proof:

I guess that I just have better stamina? Or better still I am a woman and a Mummy and I have to just get on with things!! Oh well, soon be bedtime!

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Still Lost

I have just watched the highly anticipated finale to Lost – possibly one of the greatest TV dramas ever made. For six years viewers have watched the plight of the remaining Oceanic Flight 815 passengers, as they struggle to get off the island and ultimately understand all that they have experienced.

I have not spent the last six years watching Lost as I only started seeing it for the first time last year, thanks to buying the first five seasons from iTunes. I was hooked straight away and have enjoyed it immensely; getting to know the various characters and trying to understand what it all means.

With the arrival of season six I have been watching it with even more excitement and interest, knowing that these episodes would be leading up to the finale, and waiting each week for possible answers to all of the questions that the show poses. After each episode I would spend a few hours analysing all that I had just seen trying to make sense of it.

Like everyone else I had my own theories about what Lost was really all about, and how it would end in order to explain everything that had taken place up to that point. I also knew that it would be impossible for the finale to answer all the questions that we viewers had, because there were just too many. This I accepted – after all being a TV drama you have to allow a certain amount of poetic licence with the storyline. However, I did expect some kind of explanation to be given otherwise why did it’s creators introduce so many weird and wonderful moments?

So I watched the final ever episode with a mixture of excitement and sadness, but also hope for a satisfactory conclusion. However, having now seen how it ended, I have to admit that I feel a little disappointed. Maybe even let down by the team behind the programme for not being braver and really giving us an ending that matched the rest of the Lost events that had occurred.

Let’s be honest, I am sure I am not the only one who had already wondered if infact the characters were actually dead, not surviving the crash, and were living out their state of purgatory through the six seasons ( would also explain why Hurley could see dead people – bit like the kid in Sixth Sense ). With a surname of Shepherd I also thought that Jack would end up being the one who would be end up having to look after the island. I also pondered early on in the show whether or not the basis of the show was about peoples faith – religious faith or just faith in other people. Clearly the programme had an underlying religious theme with the frequent religious references, eg. the use of black and white ( the stones) good vs evil ( Jacob vs MIB and maybe these two characters even meaning god vs the devil ) the smoke monster vs the healing powers of the island etc… .But I also thought this theory was far too obvious for such a clever and original show, and I kept looking for a far more complicated explanation to the meaning of Lost. Sadly I was wrong 🙁

The finale was gripping and must see television, don’t get me wrong, but because I was expecting something more, once the credits came up on my screen,I felt gutted that was how six years of Lost came to an end. Bit of a cop out maybe? It was great to see the Losties reunited and happy, and at last they were able to understand what happened to them. Lets face it,after all they had been through they deserved closure and a happy ever after (even if it happened when they were dead and after a long time in limbo!)

But what about the Lost fans and our understanding of it? I am still not 100% certain whether or not the characters died when the plane crashed, or whether they did survive and what we witnessed did happen to them and some died along the way and some died after. I guess that is up to us the audience to make sense of. I do feel that a lot more questions were left unanswered than I was expecting – too many unfortunately, and although I would have liked more of them explained, I guess it is up to me to decide what it all meant. With it having so many complex layers, maybe there was never meant to be a clear conclusion to Lost. Just like the mysteries I feel were not explained within the show, Lost will remain a mystery too.

Despite my disappointment though, the ending does not take way my overall enjoyment of the show because it was ruddy brilliant (Even though I feel that the ending I came up with was better, which I won’t go into because it is too complicated to explain lol).

Therefore, in the words of Christian Shepherd I “must let go and move on” and accept Lost the finale for what it was, and even though I am still a bit Lost I am also glad to have watched such a brilliant programme. What will I get my teeth into now? Well I suppose I could watch it all over again!

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The Gallery : Friendship

This week’s Gallery theme over at Tara’s Sticky Fingers blog is entitled Friendship .
I have a handful of friends who I know I can turn to who have been there for me through thick and thin and I know will be there till the end. We have shared good times and bad, and I feel thankful to have these special people I call my friends in my life.
Here is a poem by Emily Bronte entitled Love & Friendship, the words of which are very true:

Love is like the wild rose-briar,

Friendship like the holly-tree

The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms
But which will bloom most constantly?

The wild-rose briar is sweet in the spring,
Its summer blossoms scent the air;
Yet wait till winter comes again
And who will call the wild-briar fair?

Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now
And deck thee with the holly’s sheen,
That when December blights thy brow
He may still leave thy garland green.

I would like to dedicate this weeks Gallery entry to my friend Kimberly, who I have been friends with now for almost 24 years. She is an amazing person – she has the biggest smile which lights up a room and her laugh is infectious; she is such a beautiful woman.
We became best friends at school – I had just moved to Devon and started at a new school but she and I soon hit it it off. In fact I think I stayed for 4 Saturday nights in a row at her house when we first became friends – nothing to do with the fact that her Mum worked at a bakery back then and used to bring lots of cakes home!!

She is such a great friend that she was present at the birth of my son last July. Kimberly is currently training to be a midwife, but I would have asked her even if she was not, because I knew she would be fantastic and she was. Near the time of having to ‘puuuush’ she was telling me some jokes that we used to find funny at school – they may not have seemed quite so amusing at that point but I appreciated the sentiment! Lets face it she has seen me at my worse and my best now. After Burton was born, she even helped shower and dress me – what a star 🙂

Here she is with me and Burton shortly after he was born:

here we are outside of a maternity room taken a couple of years ago at another friend’s wedding – we always have such a good time together. This is how I see Kimberly – one big smile 🙂
So Kimberly, this is to say thank you for being you and for always being there when I need you. Thank you for being my friend. Love you xx
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