How to Have a Great School Holiday on a Budget

Your kids look forward to their school holidays for weeks (and sometimes even a whole year) in advance. However, while your kids may be counting down the days until their holidays, for many parents, the summer break can be filled with dread. If you are worried about how you are going to entertain your kids through the summer period without putting pressure on your finances, here are a few top ways that you can keep your savings intact.

·     Find Discount Codes on Games and Electronics

Many parents find themselves shelling out on games in order to keep their kids happy and entertained during the summer months, especially if they have done well at school during the previous year. If you want to reward your child for a year of hard work for less, you should look for discount codes. For instance, Argos discount codesfrom Savoo can offer you a range of deals, including large discounts on toys, garden equipment and electronics. 

·     Take the Kids on Free Days Out

If your kids start to get cabin fever, but you are worried about the extortionate cost of theme parks and zoos, you should research free days out in your area. For instance, many museums around the country are completely free, or entry fees are based on a suggested donation. You could also consider getting out into nature, such as taking your kids for a picnic or a bike ride. Finding free days outin your local area can also reduce the cost of petrol and public transport for your family.

·     Cook at Home

During the summer holidays, it might be tempting to order a takeaway every night or to eat at restaurants while you are out and about. Instead, you should cook at home. There are many kid-friendly summer recipesavailable on the internet, and you can make this a fun family activity by involving your children in meal preparation. 

·     Consider Memberships

To shave a few pounds off the cost of large attractions, you should consider getting annual membershipsthat will allow you to visit attractions as often as you want for a fraction of the usual price. For instance, Merlin passes allow you to visit attractions like Warwick Castle and Legoland, whereas National Trust memberships allow you to enter some of the most beautiful places in the UK.

·     Use Your Library

If you are struggling to keep up with your young readers or you are simply looking for a place to relax over the holidays, you should use the facilities of your local library. Not only do they hold regular events, but this is a space in which you can read and check out books and DVDs, as well as use library computers. 

·     Access Online Resources

You do not have to spend every day of the summer holidays at the biggest local attraction. In fact, there are many online resources that are available for free, from multiplayer games and colouring pages to educational worksheets. You can also take advantage of free museum tours, theatre shows, and National Park webcams to allow your kids to travel the world from the comfort of home. 

·     Find Cheap Childcare

If you are struggling financially, you might be eligible for tax-free childcare from your local council. If you are not eligible for this scheme, you should consider signing your kids up to local holiday clubs, which can look after your kids during the day while also allowing them to enjoy the summer with their peers.

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