VAX Air Stretch Pet Vacuum Cleaner #Review

VAX Air Stretch Pet Vacuum Cleaner  #Review

This is my review of the VAX Air Stretch Pet Vacuum Cleaner , a brilliant appliance for keeping your carpets and floors clean.

VAX Air Stretch Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

I have a confession. 

It is not one I am proud of – but I am going to be straight with you.

I am not very good at keeping my home clean and tidy. It is not that our house is really dirty or excessively messy or looks like we are hoarders, BUT I know that it could be neater and tidier and kept cleaner. Truth is, with two boys, a puppy and a partner who works away all week (and, to be fair does not help out with housework anyway), and a big house, as well as that fact that I work for a couple of hours each day, I have my blogging work and a dog to walk,  I find it hard to keep on top of my housework duties. 

I am sure I am not alone either. I mean, I see all these beautifully maintained interiors on my social media feed and I admit to feeling a little envious at how tidy and well kept they look, but is that really how they look all day long every day? Maybe, but there again maybe not – perhaps I am just rubbish at my domestic duties! 

Something that has helped me keep up with my cleaning recently, is an amazing vacuum cleaner that I was sent to review a few weeks ago. Seriously it has been a housework life saver for me, because what with dog hair, cats hair, my own hair (which seems to fall out all over the place !), plus the food crumbs, mess that gets brought into the house from the boys and their shoes etc. my carpets are put under some intense pressure and keeping them pristine is quite frankly a bloomin’ nightmare! It needs doing daily – that is not to say I do it very single day (probably every other), but I should. I also thought that my previous vacuum cleaner did a good job at clearing my carpets of mess BUT I was wrong.

Since using the VAX Air Stretch Pet I have to admit that my carpets have looked so much cleaner, and free of dog and cat hair. Even my OH who rarely passes comments after I have done any cleaning or tidying, noticed a difference after I had hoovered the carpets with my VAX, and if he noticed then trust me it must be working well! Easy to use and move around, this upright vacuum cleaner can tackle all sorts of household cleaning dilemmas due to it having some handy attachments. 

These tools include a long reach  hose allowing you to reach up to catch cobwebs, or stretch down to clean stairs. It also has some turbo brushes which picks ups the pet hairs on our stairs brilliantly. I also love the fact that this vacuum cleaner has an extra long cord, 13m in fact, which means that I do not need to unplug and plug in again as I clean my floors, I can cover almost the entire house with one power socket! It is also bagless which is great, it means you need to empty the container frequently but I find this much better than having to change bags.

I have made a little video showing you the typical scenarios that my VAX Air Stretch Pet encounters in my home. Pleas excuse the state of my VAX in this video, we had used it at Jenson’s party a few days before and therefore it had been subjected to glitter, wet pieces tissue as well as the usual everyday carpet mess.  We have also had building work going on for the last 6 months so my carpets have been well used and made messy by plasterers, builders, plumbers, electricians and tillers as well as my pets and family, so this will show how much I have put this hoover through its paces while I have been reviewing it.

I honestly cannot recommend this VAX Air Stretch Pet enough, it really cleans my house brilliantly and it is so compact and easy to use. 


I was sent the VAX Air Stretch Pet  for the purpose of a review. All footage, comments and opinions made about it are my own and honest. 

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  • Oh this looks fab (I’m so with you on trying to keep on top of housework). We didn’t really have much of a problem with pet hair (we have three cats and a dog) until we got Chase (a french bulldog) and now his hairs are everywhere. This looks like it would make the job easier- and taking the cobwebs away would be an added bonus 😉

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