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How Well Do You Sleep? #aSoundSleep

How do you sleep? Do you always get a good nights rest without much disturbance, or are you someone who lies awake tossing and turning and struggling to enjoy a full nights sleep?

Asides from my children or pets waking me up, or my OH snoring from time to time, I am lucky that I can sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow because I am so tired each night! However, if I wake up in the early hours, sometimes I find it hard to go back to sleep if I have things on my mind or a child wriggling next to me or a cat meowing in my face LOL! I am lucky that my bed is very comfy too, because in the past I have had an uncomfortable one that gave me back ache and sank a little in the middle – that bed often work me up during the night, I hated it! Still it was not really the beds fault, it was the dodgy mattress we had at the time. Thankfully we picked up a good quality cheap king size mattress which was delivered quickly and now our bed is amazing and so, so comfortable, and very easy to fall sleep in. 

I asked some fellow blogging Mum’s what helps them to sleep for prevents them from sleeping soundly:

I have always listened to the radio to get to sleep. I think my brain needs to have something else to focus on, as if I think about sleeping then I can’t fall asleep Kirsty

I listen to hypnotherapy to get to sleep or I can’t sleep. It’s a distraction technique like a fidget band during the day. My brain can’t switch off, which is like torture. I have tried everything. I also have a SAD light that fades like a sunset and rises like the dawn, it also plays bird song to wake me up. It’s made a huge difference to my mornings. I love it. Alice

I listen to Ed Sheeran every night before going to sleep. Ali

I get into my position to sleep and use breathing and habit methods to sleep. When I’m ultra stressed I get a song on ear worm which breaks the momentum and annoys me a LOT! Mari 

I have a church in my back garden and a prayer centre in my front and boy between the bells and the charismatic African groups it can be really noisy some nights! Not your average noise problem! Lol Michelle

My husband loves white noise and will turn it on his phone and listen to it. Noise stopping me sleep? The drip from our roof that lands on our rubbish PVC window sills right next to my bed. Chinese torture. Maggy

I see a pillow and I sleep – immediately. Carolin 

I sleep on my ventilator that makes a whooshing in and out noise and its so ryhtmic and gentle and makes me feel safe and that sends me off to sleep. Becky

I have a fan in my room all year round because after having it there one Summer I found it really hard to sleep when I put it in the garage when it got cooler. I brought it back out and I can sleep easy again ha ha. Cass

I can tell you a sound that stops me from sleeping – Old Man’s snoring! Also, ticking clocks Liz

Thank you ladies for some funny and very interesting responses. 

So how well do you sleep each night? Check out #aSoundSleep to discover how other people cope or maybe add your own.

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  1. i can fall asleep easily, however my husband can’t and like to listen or watch something on his iPad, although he has his headphones in the light from the screen disturbs me, my husband then falls asleep, leaving me to switch it off and then be wide awake….grrrrrrr

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