Make Your Own Halloween Bunting

Make Your Own Halloween Bunting

Halloween Bunting

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get your creative hat on and spook up your home. There are so many great ways in which you can create a really effective, creative Halloween look for your home and we’ve got some great ideas to get you started! Bunting is a decoration that works for any occasion, but Halloween is possibly the best. 


Draping some spooky Halloween bunting across your doorways, windows or even along the walls will add a haunting touch to your home as well as show off your creative side!

You will need:
o Sheets of felt or card. Preferably in a range of Halloween themed colours such as green, orange, black, white
o Scissors
o Glue or double sided sticky tape
o Ribbon or string
o Copic Markers or Promarkers. Preferably black and white
o Googly eyes
Step 1
Begin with your card or felt, cutting triangles that all measure to the same size. If you want to make characters then you could cut a green triangle for Frankenstein, orange for a pumpkin, black for a cat and white for a ghost.
Step 2
Once you have your triangles cut out neatly, you can decide what details you wish to add. Using a black Promarker, draw some shapes on the cut offs of your felt or card to use for things such as eyes, bolts, mouths or even the pumpkin stalk. Once you’ve drawn these on the left over felt or card, neatly cut them out and place them gently onto the triangles where you would like them to go.
Step 3
Now that you have chosen where you would like your details to go and you’re happy that they look right where they will be stuck you can remove them from the triangles and keep place them neatly to the side. Using a hole punch or scissors make a small hole at the top of each triangle, as this is where the string will be threaded to hang your bunting.
Step 4
Now you can place your details back onto your triangles and begin to stick them down with your glue. If you feel the pieces are too large and the glue won’t stick them properly, use double sided sticky tape to secure your additional bits into place. If you need to, mark down where you want to stick the bits with a Promarker and this way you’ll have them in the exact spot you wanted them to be.
Step 5
Now that your triangles are ready and looking spooky, thread the ribbon or string through the holes at the top of your bunting and tie a small knot on each end to secure the triangles in place, as you don’t want them to slide off if your bunting happened to fall from its positon!
Step 6
Now you can choose a spot in your home for your scary Halloween bunting to be hung, and wait to show it off to anyone who dares to enter! Use sticky tape, pins or even blue tack to stick your bunting into place, but be careful of your walls as you don’t want it to ruin any paintwork!
Your Halloween bunting will look great hung throughout your home and will inject some spookiness to the atmosphere too! If you liked making this type of bunting, you could create more with different characters on each triangle. You could even dedicate each bunting roll to just one character, such as a selection of ghosts that all have different facial expressions using your copic markers, or loads of pumpkins that are different shapes and sizes! You could even be really creative and design some bats too!

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Thanks to Rainy Day Mum for the Pumpkin Bunting photos 

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