Homemade Fish ‘n’ Chips (#ad)

I was asked to share my recipe (and video) for Homemade Fish ‘n’ Chips using Crisp’n Dry 

Homemade Fish 'n' Chips

Fish and Chips I think is British comfort food at its very best. It is just so delicious, and probably our nations favourite take away meal. However, even though we as a family do not buy it as a take away very often, it is lovely to have as an occasional treat and let’s be honest, as with any take away, it gives me a night off from cooking!

The only downside to buying fish and chips for the family, is that it can be costly as I think an average portion of battered cod and chips costs about £5 ish. Therefore, it works out much cheaper to make my own homemade fish and chips at home, and even though it does not give you a night, or lunch time, off from cooking, it does give you a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you made a delicious meal that not only tastes amazing, BUT saves you money aswell.


So first things first, cod can be pricey I know this from making homemade fish fingers for my boys . BUT if you visit the frozen section in your supermarket, you can pick up a bag of 5 cod fillets for £3-£4 which is great value, and being in the freezer means it will not go off and you just need to defrost it in the morning / night before ready to use.

There are many ways to make a batter, and I chose to make one using sparkling water which makes the batter very light once cooked. 



When it comes to the chips, I highly recommend that you use Maris Piper potatoes (or if these are not available another floury potato would do) as they make the best chips. 


Another top tip when making homemade fish and chips, is to invest in a thermometer so that you know your oil is at the correct temperature for frying your fish and your chips. 

img_1496 img_1498

Also, make sure you have some kitchen towel available to place your cooked fish and chips onto to mop up any excess oil and make your finished meal less greasy.


Finally, my last tip is to make sure you use a good oil for frying like Crisp’n Dry which contains rapeseed oil, which is a good natural source of omega 3. Crisp’n Dry has been carefully developed to help cook food to perfection, plus its neutral flavour won’t overpower the flavour of your ingredients.


Here are the ingredients required for making my recipe for proper homemade Fish ‘n’ Chips


And for the full recipe and method please watch my video 

All the family loved their fish ‘n’ chips and the boys especially enjoyed eating theirs in a bucket!


Making fish and chips from scratch works out at approx £2 per person which is so much cheaper than buying it from a take away, and no queues to stand in either!

Cooking  fish and chips with Crisp’n Dry makes the perfect family meal come rain or shine.


This post, the video and my recipe were created in collaboration with Crisp’n Dry

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  1. I bet the temperature makes all the difference and I’m sure I’d find it reassuring too as I never do deep fat frying as it scares me! total wuss I am! Yours looks fabulous Jenny. Mich x

    1. To be honest I had not really used a thermometer before this, I always kind of guessed when the oil was the right temp. However, now I know it is worth double checking to ensure the best batter and perfect chippies x

  2. Fish and chips are sooooo expensive now, so this is a fab way to enjoy at a fraction of the price. I love how you served in buckets, my kids would love that!!

  3. I don’t like fish but nothing beats proper chips from the chippie. I’ll definitely try making my own as you don’t get them like that here in Germany and I do love some salt and vinegar chips, especially the small crunchy bits. Yum!

    Love all the cute accessories, it looks like you’ve had a beach day at home x

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