Beds For Thought


I love my bed. Each night when I climb in I am so looking forward to going to sleep. I should go to bed earlier really, because then I would not feel too tired to lay in bed and read. However, I usually end up watching TV (or blogging/conversing on social media!) until late and then I can barely keep my eyes open, so it is off to sleep I go!
One of my very favourite pleasures in life, is getting into bed when the bedding is clean and I always do this during the week while my OH is away, so I get the first night in the clean bed all to myself! Well, unless the boys have sneaked in before I get there of course (which happens most nights!). I am fortunate in that I have a large bedroom so we have a kingsize bed which is just aswell on nights when there is 3 or even 4 in a bed!

However if space is tight in a room, like in my spare guest room, then Small Double Beds UK have the perfect size bed for smaller rooms.  I have been looking for a cheap bed to kit out our smaller room of the house with, so that we have a nice space for guests to stay in on the rare occasion that someone wants to sleepover! Having a bed that is not too wide would enable us to squeeze in a slim bedside table either side of it too, which would really finish the spare room off nicely. 

I also need to invest in some new bedding, not just for the spare room but also for my bedroom. We have been using the same two sets for several years now, and although there is nothing wrong with them, it would be nice to treat ourselves to some new sets. Mind you while we are at it, we should really invest in some new pillows and a new duvet too, after all you are meant to change your pillows every two years and your duvet every five years. Therefore, ours is definitely due a replacement as I know that the duvet is almost 7 years old by now! The pillows are not that old though, as we bought a new set when we moved into our new house. Mind you, that was 3 years ago now! Eeeek! I had better get shopping then!

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